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As we all know, now we bought a Car, not just buy a Car on it, but also to buy it back after her decorate it, but also the most important thing Is to give it to buy insurance, then the insurance varieties lot, ah what wading insurance, commercial insurance, ah, to pay high insurance. There Is also a third party liability insurance, insurance among so many, personally feel that the third-party liability insurance Is its important insurance, because the insurance Is when you and others in a traffic accident, Is that you paid to the other side, because the probability of occurrence of thIs third-party liability insurance Is relatively large, an analogy you hit a Ferrari, you’re full responsibility, then you just buy 500,000 third party, then the other Ferrari to 100 million to the repair, then that five hundred thousand to hIs own pocket, you say thIs money out of the wronged you? What about thIs question many people ask small series, in the end how much good buy third party liability insurance. Xiao Bian also find a lot of information for thIs Issue, then I Will tell you the entire contents of the article (DIsclaimer: ThIs article merely as an Automotive enthusiast publication reflections, not publIshed as News content).

In order not to occupy our time, secret Car advice: luxury Cars on the road too much, but not too pedestrian to comply with traffic rules, “third party liability insurance” or buy in the 300,000-500,000 range Is appropriate , coupled with compulsory insurance turned over in the “people injured 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan medical expenses people injured, property loss 2000 yuan,” Although we can not completely guarantee losses in the accident, but still most of the rIsk to the insurance company. . At the same time suggest that you must be Careful driving, especially in face of pedestrians, electric Cars, luxury Cars of the time.

If you have time, you can see Why we recommend a “third party liability insurance” buy 300,000-500,000 in thIs interval.

to use “third party liability insurance,” we would usually involve people injured and property damage in two parts.

“material loss” mainly refers to damage caused by a third-party body in a Car accident, the most popular understanding “Crash.” If you accidentally rub hurt BMW, Mercedes, Porsche driving, Lamborghini … If you buy 30-50 million for third party liability insurance … OK! Do you have insurance coverage can pay 30-50 million for maintenance costs of these luxury Car for you. If the cause of the loss of these luxury Cars are great, do not worry too much, the insurance company Will save 30 for youTo 500,000, although thIs loss other than the need to bear your own, but it can be considered for their own province 30-50 million.

down the focus here Is to hurt people! People generally hurt the injured party seek compensation program consIsts of the following components: medical expenses, lost income, Care, transportation expenses, payments, funeral expenses, and dependents living expenses, compensation for death, mental damages and other nine . Then the sum of these costs Is what we need to buy the insured amount of liability insurance. (Where the main reference data have included: local per capita dIsposable income, per capita local consumer spending and the local average wage of workers in)

(1) medical expenses: mainly in the accident after that, the actual cost to rescue the victims produced. General diagnostics, medical expenses, hospital fees. The costs need to be judged according to local medical expense levels.

(2) loss of working time fee: ThIs Is the most commonly encountered. If there Is a fixed income who lost income Is hIs actual reduction of income (the need to provide financial sealed unit wage single water); if there Is no fixed income people, but can prove their income, providing the last three years the average income proof while, lost income calculated according to the actual loss of working time * the last three years the average income standard; if there Is no fixed income, they can not provide proof of income, loss of working time lost income in accordance with the local * or similar industry workers a year The average salary Is calculated.

(3) nursing: Generally it Is real income in accordance with the number of nursing Care * Care * number of days to be calculated. If the Caregiver can determine income, calculated in accordance with the provIsions of the lost income; if you are unsure of income or employment nursing Care workers, Care workers or local reference to calculate the same level of Care wage. In principle, only one person, if more than one person Care, or in need of medical institutions accreditation bodies have a clear opinion. The number of days of Care refers to the recovery of victims of daily living so far, if it causes severe dIsability, can extend the period of Care, but no more than 20 years.

(4) Transportation costs: The main victim Is transferred, escorts accompany treatment or transfer the actual costs incurred. ThIs does not include transportation costs daily contact with the hospital.

(5) these payments: ThIs Is the recommended amount given in medical institutions, not the amount the victim requirements.

(6) funeral expenses: In accordance with the previous year the average monthly wage of workers a one-time payment of six months on a local as compensation.

(7) dependents living expenses: mainly based on local per capita consumption expenditure of the previous year, combined with the age range, and the number of dIsability compensation index determined. It was dependent living under the support degree of loss of ability to work, as calculated by the seat of the Court of Appeal a year per capita consumption expenditure per capita standard of living expenditure of rural residents and urban residents. Minor dependents of people, calculated to be 18 years of age; dependents unable to work and no other source of income to calculate two decades. But more than 60 years of age for each additional year of decrease year; more than 75 years of age, according to the five-year calculation. At the same time was dependent means that the victim should bear the support obligation of minors or incapacitated adult close relatives nor the other source of income. Is dependent of other dependents, compensation obligations only partially compensate the victims according to the law should afford. Several people were dependent total annual compensation not to exceed the previous year’s per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents or rural residents per capita living expenditure.

(8) compensation for death: mainly based on local per capita dIsposable income of the previous year, with the age range determined. Usually calculated according to two decades. But more than 60 years of age for each additional year of decrease year; more than 75 years of age, according to the five-year calculation.

(9) compensation for moral damage: that mental damages, the general Will not be too high, appropriate compensation can be.


So if a traffic collIsion in Shaanxi cases causing death, but the death of a person as well as newly born child dependents. The total amount of the early payment generally require slightly calculated as follows:

medical expenses: 10,000 yuan (mainly rescue expenses).

funeral expenses: 3137.5 yuan / month (Shaanxi Province in 2014 the average wage of workers) * 6 months = 18,825 yuan.

death compensation: 15,837 yuan / year (in 2014 per capita dIsposable income of people in Shaanxi Province) * 20 years = 316,740 yuan.

Is dependent for living expenses: 16,680 yuan / year (in 2014 per capita consumption expenditure of Shaanxi Province) * 18 years = 300 240yuan. Total: 645,600 yuan.

At thIs time, if you buy 300,000-500,000 pay compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance, then you only need to pay: 3.56 (three responsible sum insured 500,000) -23.56 Wan (three responsible sum insured 300,000 ).

Of course, we have special and specific examples, so that the owners according to local level (North Canton relatively high) and its own Car habit to judge. If you often drive in full or in accordance with the proposed purchase of third party liability insurance it.

we look at a case:

Case 2, point butt hurt luxury Car

Car repairs can buy two Honda

from the outside, Honda CRV weight than Rolls injury. Honda hit the front before the entire recessed. Rolls Royce mainly tail lamps, rear bumper and an exhaust pipe hit mark.

“Do not look bruIsed few places, Xiu Xiu Will happen a lot of money.” After the rear-end, Rolls-Royce drivers are very worried for Honda owners, opening the first sentence Is: ” you quickly ask the insurance company now, maybe not enough insurance to pay. “

it Is understood that thIs Car Rolls-Royce price of more than 6 million yuan(CNY)(CNY). After the accident, the driver also consulted maintenance costs, estimated to be $ 400,000 for thIs phase two Honda CRV price.

“four hundred thousand!” Hearing thIs number, Honda owners sigh. Because he gave hIs Car voted on by 50 million liability insurance, plus pay high insurance, he can easily cope with 600,000 insurance payment.

“I do not now expect maintenance costs higher than thIs price.” While the accident, but Honda owners still feel myself very lucky – two months ago, he was the first person liability insurance, before road Car full of “naked” – that Is, to pay to pay high insurance. The more the more

investment amount of liability insurance for the

to 50 million owners of

also remember Wenzhou Rolls-Royce astronomical compensation events it? Rolls-Royce claims the final rating was 35 million. However, due to the accident Accord owners to buy 20 million of liability insurance for the end, more than 10 million Accord owners out of their pocket.

ThIs case and after frequent exposure luxury Car knocked accident also sparked a chain reaction- whether new Car owners or owners continued, they have increased the amount of the investment’s liability insurance.

“Four years ago, the first new Car owners to purchase liability insurance for investment amount Is generally 200,000 yuan oriented.” A well-known insurance company staff, now cast 20 million fewer people, common require $ 500,000. After the Wenzhou luxury Cars knocked event, also requires owners to 100 million, even 200 million, while the minimum investment level of $ 50,000, almost nobody Cares.

“it, throw $ 200,000 or $ 500,000 to pay the fee difference Is not big occasion.” The staff provided a quote to Reporters: cast 500,000 fee 1300 yuan; while 20 cast million and fees have nearly a thousand dollars, a difference of only 300 yuan; if you vote one million, also more expensive than the cost of 400 yuan investment 500,000. “So the owner Is a widespread mentality, spend a few hundred dollars, buy peace of mind.”

and the Honda CRV Car owners because of the amount purchased 500,000 of those who voted liability insurance, they are not in the compensation tenterhooks .

Xiaobian Summary:

that sometimes you even watch yourself, there may inevitably scratch bumper. Here I compiled some of your accident claims thIs difficult case:

What people do not lose your money, Sipilailian just do not give you, or when it comes time to admit its fault, lying on the ground say that you do not go hit Is me. I collected a number of related cases and resolve these programs leave you.

(DIsclaimer: ThIs article merely as an Automotive enthusiast publication reflections, not publIshed as News content)