How long more appropriate to buy auto insurance prior to maturity?

Auto insurance, every year to buy, but many people Will tangle when to buy, how to buy, where to buy. The final purchase price of different ways, there are differences in service. Now vehicle insurance, to pay high insurance prior to expiration can be purchased within a month, three months ahead of commercial insurance you can buy. Well, thIs time to buy different, there Will be little impact on the insurance purchase it?

We know that the insurance amount Will fluctuate based on the previous year’s number of escape from danger. Escape from danger more, the premium Will increase on the basIs of price, and if the previous year have not had insurance, the premiums Will drop, continuous recording without the dangerous condition of the past few years, the premium dIscount Will be getting lower and lower. So there Will be a situation dangerous condition, that Is, you can buy insurance for a month before the expiration of thIs time the vehicle Is not had insurance, then the insurance premium dIscount Is not calculated in accordance with the dangerous condition of the record fall. If thIs time did not buy insurance, want, etc., before the expiration of twelve days to buy, in the process just grazing the vehicle Is involved, then buy the insurance when there Is a claims record, the premium Will go up thIs last look, or a lot of difference both. So there are a lot of owners Will take advantage of their own thIs year, just not out any chances, get in when to buy to buy it.

But then, insurance companies are not stupid, and then get out of danger after buying insurance, although the use of the old policy, but Will have a new policy in which the records, and other times of the year to buy insurance after the owner, or Will it as a reference. It Will go up proportionately to the year in premiums.

So, in fact, buy the insurance matter as early as late buying, comprehensive accounting down Is the same. Insurance companies have specialized actuaries, must be regarded as fine a lot more than we have to, not because of the time difference caused by the presence of very different prices. General advice Is to prevent forgotten or have anything to delay the time to buy insurance, so two or three weeks in advance to buy a little better, do not Card the days before the expiration of it.

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