How just bought a new car in the first year to buy car insurance cost-effective

just bought a new Car in the first year how to buy insurance? It Is estimated that the majority of young people’s main concern, after all, just left the social life of the first to buy a Car, the choice of Auto insurance Is not very clear, and sell Auto insurance agents propaganda too iffy, and many do not know Is easy pit fall of Auto insurance! Buy too much must not mix waste of Mao Yeye! So the first year of the new Car with Auto insurance how to choose the most cost-effective it? Below shock brother to resolve it.

Auto insurance Insurance What?

There are two types of Auto insurance:

1, mandatory traffic safety

mandatory traffic safety Is what we often say that pay high insurance, which Is a national mandatory requirement must buy, unless your Car off the road, in the event of an accident, to hit a compensation, a limited amount of compensation. The total of $ 120,000. Face of some serious accidents, thIs Is not enough, so commercial insurance Is an option that must be purchased.

2, motor vehicle business insurance

motor vehicle commercial insurance not subject to compulsory purchase necessary items by the owners themselves purchase, divided into loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance and vehicle theft rescue (rescue theft), vehicle officers liability insurance (liability insurance driver and passenger liability insurance).

comprIses the additional rIsk of glass breakage, scratching insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, insurance wading driving, no-fault liability insurance, liability insurance falling Cargo onboard vehicle parked loss insurance, new equipment damage insurance, no special exemption insurance. The rIsk of broken glass, spontaneous loss of rIsk and rIsk of loss of new equipment Is an additional rIsk of human loss exposure.

must buy additional insurance Is a prerequIsite to an additional loss of vehicle insurance, vehicle liability insurance, no fault liability insurance and ship Cargo liability insurance Is an additional rIsk of falling third-party liability insurance. These attachmentsAdd rIsk only insured third party liability insurance when the insured. Each of rIsks can be independent without insurance deduction,

the first year of a new Car to buy Car insurance with how cost-effective?

basically the same as the cost of Car insurance in the first year or annual calculation. The main types of Car insurance and calculated as follows:

1 = basic premium Car damage

2 third party liability insurance. = fixed fee and compensation limit corresponding to the quota premium

3. vehicle theft insurance = actual value of the vehicle * rate

4 increased insurance premiums equipment damage such insurance amount * rate =

5. only glass Breakage rate x = new Car purchase price

6. spontaneous loss of insurance = x amount of such insurance rates

7. the vehicle liability insurance types of insurance compensation limit = rate *

8. the goods drop insurance liability insurance such insurance compensation limit = rate x

9. nondeductible was particularly insurance = first loss of vehicle insurance * three liability insurance rates.

columns such as: Car insurance proposals in the first year of compulsory traffic insurance 950, spontaneous combustion rIsk can be considered not pay, because the first year 4s with warranty, Car damage insurance Is based on the new Car invoice the invoice on 100,000 vehicles, Car damage Is 100,000, pilfer, glass insurance, Car insurance personnel, scratches insurance amounts to almost 2000 have a new Car commercial insurance Is 0.77% of the average Car dIscount, the first year was 0.7% dIscount. ThIs type of insurance of about 3400 or less, plus travel tax 480 yuan / year, a total of 4800

insurance Auto insurance process:

1 . online insurance, or find the insurance salesman, or go to the repair shop, 4S shop (and usually some insurance companies have business cooperation)

2. Driver’s license, ID Card, phone number, insurance and other insurance needs information and selected the appropriate own commercial insurance, the premium Is calculated

3. transfer payment Issued the insurance policy (electronic insurance policy as effective), a successful insurance.

just bought a new Car in the first year to buy Auto insurance IMPORTANT:

1, insurance expiration date

before buying nearly a year in new Car insurance, pay attention to the expiration date of the insurance, general insurance before the expiration month of the second year Will be insured motor vehicle insurance, Is best handled about 10 days prior to expiration renewal, avoid busy with work and other factors forget renewal, unfortunately danger, but I could not get compensation, and then expired renewal Is not cost-effective, and high rIsk.

2, rationally regulate insurance coverage and additional insurance

After a year of driving a new Car there are problems which regard themselves a Seiji clearly, but also a few that are on Auto insurance on their own Is important to know what insurance works and what Is on their own to help the chicken, it Is reasonable DIY your own Car insurance coverage, the insured amount also understand what needs to be high, which Is low, and for their own security and to avoid waste of money, timely adjustment.