How car insurance to choose?


we buying Car, Will give an insurance policy on their Car. Some insurers must pay, and some insurance pay according to their own circumstances, some of the relatively high cost of insurance, some of the insurance cost Is relatively low, which Is worth buying and which are not worth buying it, where I talk about my own views.

First, a Car Is a must buy to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance Is compulsory purchase, you bought a Car must buy to pay high insurance costs $ 950 if there Is no escape from danger first two years there Will be a dIscount for two consecutive years without danger, greater dIscounts, the lowest in about 750 yuan. If they do not pay high insurance, you Will be fined twice the amount to pay high insurance. Traffic Insurance Is the role of traffic accidents between you and others, determined to be your responsibility to pay high insurance maximum payment two thousand yuan to each other, or to each other by cross-strong insurance repair. But in the case only buy to pay high insurance, the cost of generating more than two thousand dollars in parts, owners need to pay their own. Traffic Insurance can only repair to each other, can not give yourself repair.

There Is a commercial insurance, types of insurance business very much, we have three more common liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance, non-deductible insurance, plan marks insurance, theft insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, and so on. Where the relatively high cost of insurance Is the three insurance, Car damage and non-deductible insurance.

now generally divided into three insurance 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, etc. Several grades. The higher price to buy liability insurance, the higher the value of the highest paid in the event of a crash, of course, buy when the price Will be more expensive. Three insurance means that when you are in a traffic accident, it Is determined that your responsibility to give each other maximum repair amount. For example, determine your responsibility to repair the other party takes 120 000, if you only buy 10 million of the three, so when you compensate 100,000 yuan within, out of more than twenty thousand Will you pay. Now the road more luxury Cars, big cities novice drivers Is recommended to buy more than 500,000 three insurance, afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, sometimes hit the luxury Car without insurance, and it would go bankrupt, so the three insurance or necessary.

Then there are Car damage, meaning that when the accident occurred, the determination Is your duty case, Caustic danger Is to give you a repair. The higher the prices, the higher the price of caustic danger, along with the depreciation of your Car each year, the price of caustic danger Will be reduced year by year. Recommendations or to buy a new Car on, if the Car Is old, then you can consider not buying, after all, the older the Car itself Is not worth some money.

Is not deductible Car damage and rape three insurance packages. If you do not buy non-deductible insurance, and we are now on the same health Care, Car damage and liability insurance Is not one hundred percent payment, but a certain percentage, usually 75% to 85%. In other words, if the three insurance paid 100,000 yuan to help you, if you buy the non-deductible, then all the money that 100,000 to help you advance. If you do not buy non-deductible insurance, then thIs 10 million dollars just to help you advance 75000-85000, the rest of the money can only own.

Other insurance purchase value Is relatively low, such as scratches insurance, if there are scratches, use your insurance, then, although it Will help you fix, but thIs, too, a dangerous condition, the second year of premiums Will rIse, more harm than good to thIs point scratch. Also worth mentioning Is the insurance for vehicle damage caused by force majeure, instead of losing, force majeure include floods, fires, tsunamIs, etc., that Is to say if the floods because the water in your Car, the insurance company does not pay only you accidentally drove into the water pipe insurance company Will. So the role Is also not particularly large.

In general, only need to buy insurance to pay strong, three, vehicle damage Is not deductible on it. Relatively long life of the Car caustic danger can not buy liability insurance, according to your actual situation between 100,000 to 1,000,000 options.

above personal point of view, I hope you can help, also welcomed friends in the comments area below the thumbs up message concern, talk about your views.