How car insurance claims most cost-effective, otherwIse the pit do not know!

vehicle purchase full insurance Is not all of it can be reimbursed? No. Such mirror stolen, tire puncture and the like, sorry, these are not Auto insurance claim.

bought all rIsks insurance Is not all of it can be reimbursed? Accidentally rubs the Car a bit, I bought a Car loss of it? Hey, sorry, not claims, because the Car damage insurance must be some serious accidents can claims, it still remanufacturing serious point Is not it? You got to hand under hIs Car right? Willing to do?

Some say I bought scratches insurance claims Is not to be of it? Yes, it Is possible claims! Another problem again, because of the dangerous condition, the second year of the premium can not offer? If your second annual premium dIscount Is greater than the amount of insurance claims, Auto insurance claims you Will go to it? Is not it?

So, if the problem Is small, about three hundred dollars, it Is nothing with it, their own money, and money exchange house a lot of money. If you still are not sure whether or not the Car insurance policies? Then, after the escape from danger in the first time to contact their insurance agent, I believe it Will give the most professional advice.

about if the three hundred dollars can solve, then deal with it themselves, because the second year after the dangerous condition of the premium that Is not favorable, and not worthwhile.

If the three hundred yuan and left the insurance process, if you do not know how to complete the formalities, scratches or did not buy insurance, just drive to a repair shop or 4s shop, they go back to help you solve.

whether before or after the purchase of insurance insurance policies Will be counted once the dangerous condition. After the purchase of insurance insurance policies, then today’s premiums Will not be affected, however, the insurance company Will calculate the dangerous condition of the second year. So, no matter how dangerous condition Will be credited once.

Insurance Is a contractual text content of the contract, provided that they meet the insurance requirements of the text, there Is no reason not to the insurance company’s claims. Understanding insurance, the insurance study, not only to buy insurance does not suffer, but also to insurance claims do not lose!

understand the report Auto insurance rules, in order to better safeguard their legitimate rights and interests! .

1 own report: dangerous condition, the insurance company the first time to play phone Newspaper insurance, not to say do not say

2 third-party report: dangerous condition,Due to various reasons, not the first time to report how to do it?

If the silly to go directly to the insurance company to assess the damage, they tell you can not lose it all, can not buy insurance now lost, it would mean that buying fake insurance? How to do it?

driving to 4s shops or service points, they Will help you solve, do not spend their own money.