Great Wall to build cars carrying German ERGO Insurance services

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Recently, the love Card informed, Great Wall Motors and the German ERGO Group (ERGO Group) formally signed a joint memorandum, the two sides in the United States Will work together to build a new Car and travel a technology and market data for the insurance professional organization driven by continuous product and service innovation, providing new travel era better service experience for end consumers, dealers Fu We can also provide more quality insurance services and solutions to the Great Wall Automobile finance and travel platform. It Is reported that Great Wall Motor’s joint venture with ERGO group of insurance plans include construction of eco-business systems, development of new insurance solutions to create efficient professional service team, and ultimately achieve full integration and play to their strengths resources.

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Great Wall Motor chairman Wei Jianjun at the signing ceremony, said: “Germany and Great Wall Motor ERGO Group in their respective fields have a leading edge, the two sides further cooperation in the field of insurance services Will not only help to further improve the Great Wall Automotive-related services, but also Will make use of technology and data complementary advantages, to Carry inject new momentum for both business . “

Dr. Reith German ERGO Group chairman, he said:” today we signed a joint memorandum to the Great Wall, ERGO Group Is an important step forward in our continued development. and Great Wall Motor Will work together to build a technology and data-driven, industry-leading insurance provider for the US Automotive and travel markets. thIs practice not only the ERGO Group Is committed to become an important partner of the Automotive industry strategic direction, but also strengthens the position of ERGO Group in the United States, the core growth markets. Great Wall Motor and ERGO together Will provide high-quality innovation of our partners and customers Service Solutions “

in the third quarter of thIs year, Great Wall Motor to achieve total revenue of 21.202 billion yuan, an increase of 18.01%; net profit attributable to shareholders 1.4 billion yuan, an increase of 507%, the overall business situation continues to improve. As of the third quarter of 2020, Great Wall Motor to achieve thIs year’s total revenue of over 60 billion yuan, Reaching 62.578 billion yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of 29.17 billion yuan. January to September, Great Wall Motor by optimizing product mix, offer a variety of configuration models, to achieve its Hafer, WEY, Euler, and the Great Wall pickup brand total sales of 724,000, an increase of 7.01% results, fast performance boost revenue increase.

Comments: after the Auto finance market, in particular the insurance services for the Automotive industry improve customer loyalty and satIsfaction become dealers more important. From 2016 to 2019, Great Wall Motor vehicle sales for three consecutive years over one million. Great Wall Motor insurance business as an important industrial dIstribution business segment, by inviting partners to join Germany, for the rapid development of the sector into a strong power.

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