Grandfather: pay expensive car insurance, these three free car service should know!

Grandfather: pay expensive Car insurance, these three free Car service should know!

In fact, many of my friends should have seen the Car on the road Is more and more now, in fact, we are in the process of daily driving, Car there Is also the inevitable failure of the time, but if there Is a temporary failure, a lot of friends first thought Is their first time to troubleshoot, and if they can not be excluded, they would then call up the trailer, but if we when on the highway should be how to do it? Mileage charges are also a lot of people here can not afford to pay. Grandfather: pay expensive Car insurance, these three free Car service should know!

Well, then we come and we say today about the three free high-speed service on it. The first Is the first free delivery of gasoline, you have to know the importance of gasoline for our Cars do not need me to say it, if there Is no gasoline, our Cars can not travel, in fact, many of my friends have encountered thIs should also case, that Is, at highway speeds, the Car suddenly ran out of gas. ThIs time do not worry, we only need to give 4s shop make a phone call, then they Will send staff to send the oil, we only need to pay the cost of fuel on it.

The second Is on-site repair, and now a lot of my friends should all be like driving your Car out of it, like on said taking advantage of the holidays and family traveling by Car to go out together, there are some parts of the road there may be less smooth, the probability of failure also occurred at thIs time the Car Will be much increased, if no smoke in such a delicate position where faults occur , it Is more troublesome thing, trailers and expensive, there Is no place to repair the vicinity, thIs time you can call the insurance company to deal with.

The third trailer rescue, if our Car broke down on the really high speed, you need to pullback 4s repair shop, thIs time we can call the trailer, here to remind you that my friends Is, in fact, our insurance costs each year which Will include a free trailerService, if less than 100 km, we can call the insurance company directly.

so finally here it Is recommended that Car owners and friends, but also our daily traffic process to pay insurance costs, Is really a lot of the pen, so that if the Car really there was an accident, then, these free services we must remember to use ah, because, after all, spend their own money, that time Is not white do not and friends who you have thIs not the same as what advice would you know what some insurance companies free services? Please share it below.