Getting car insurance six major knowledge-sharing, 3 minutes to read their auto insurance

First, the Car insurance Is generally divided into two types: pay high insurance and commercial insurance

1, to pay high insurance: called the “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, Is caused by road traffic accidents occur on the insurance company insured motor vehicle by the the victim of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance . It should be noted here that the victim’s insurance Is paid, not paid one’s own loss.

2, commercial insurance: Is called “integrated commercial motor vehicle insurance”, the main rIsks including commercial third party liability insurance, loss of vehicle insurance, the whole Car pilfer, board officers liability insurance a total of 4; additional rIsks including natural loss insurance, excluding franchIse warranties and third party warranties can not find the , etc. a total of 11.

Second, the strong insurance three characterIstics

1, mandatory:

① for all motor vehicles, “road traffic safety law” stipulates that owners and managers should be required to motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance Insurance.

② for insurance companies engaged in compulsory traffic accident liability insurance business has qualified, may not refuse or delay coverage.

2, the public welfare:

① “Road Traffic Safety Law” stipulates that the CIRC according to pay high insurance business in general Is not no loss of earnings principle approval of insurance rates.

② to comply with the provIsions of the rescue costs, medical expenses insurer in advance compensation limit, the insurer Is entitled to claim compensation from the responsible road traffic accidents.

3, wide coverage:

overlying strong narrow wideCover Is embodied as a broad scope of protection, in addition to traffic accidents, the insured deliberately caused by several minority environment, the insurance covers all traffic hazards, and do not set up franchIse and deductible.

Third, pay high insurance compensation projects and limits of liability

1, death and dIsability

① compensation projects: includes funeral expenses, death compensation, dIsability compensation, Care, transportation expenses, lost income, fees

② compensation limits:

the responsibility of the accident was 110,000 , no responsibility for accidents of 11000

2, health Care costs

① compensation projects: including medical expenses, medical fees, hospital fees, hospital food subsidies, plastic surgery costs, these payments, etc.

② compensation limits: the responsibility of the accident 10,000 no responsibility for accidents 1000

3, damage to property

① compensation projects include: Car damage and property damage

② compensation limit: responsibility accident 2000, but no responsibility accident 100

Fourth, the commercial insurance Overview

1, loss of vehicle insurance:

referred to as Car damage, namely the loss of their support vehicles, including Natural dIsasters and accidents, which Is divided into areas of responsibility and the responsibility of non-impact collIsion liability categories; which Is the primary responsibility of the collIsion rIsk. When referred to three insurance, namely the insured vehicle due to an accident, personal injury or cause others to suffer direct losses of property:

2, Third Party Motor Insurance insurerPay compensation in accordance with the insurance contract, it has an important role to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of victims.

3, the entire vehicle motor vehicle theft and robbery insurance:

referred to pilfer, it Is to protect the entire vehicle Is stolen, robbed, robbed due to loss of vehicle as well as in was stolen, robbed, robbed loss was suffered during or Car parts, ancillary equipment required to repair the loss of a reasonable fee.

4, motor vehicle liability insurance:

Acronym Car insurance personnel, i.e. insured person or allow the driver of the motor vehicle using the procedure insured in an accident, but the Car when the officers suffered personal injury, compensation insurer in accordance with the contract. Note that: the persons on board, including the Car body, the body, Is to get off on the staff.

Fifth, ten additional rIsks of commercial insurance

1, broken glass alone insurance

2, spontaneous loss of insurance

3, new equipment damage insurance

4, body scratches insurance

5, wading rIsk of loss of the engine

6, compensation insurance expenses during repair

7, the vehicle Cargo liability insurance

8, the spirit of solatium liability

9, non-deductible insurance

10, motor vehicle damage insurance third party can not find special insurance

VI travel tax related points

1, collection range

Motor Vehicles: rely on fuel, electricity and other energy steam-powered passenger Cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, special vehicles, special wheeled mechanical vehicles, motorcycles, noted that the tractor does not need to pay the travel tax .

2, collection methods

① parties – taxpayers – vehicles, ship owner / manager

② parties – the withholding agent – in pay high insurance business insurance agency

3, preferential policies

according to “People’s Republic of U.S. travel tax” to be part of the travel exemption tax.

① duty-free:

I, fIshing, aquaculture fIshing

II, the army, the armed police forces dedicated travel

III, police travel

IV, in accordance with the law shall travel foreign embassies and consulates, representative offices of international organizations in U.S. and associated personnel tax-free

② cuts

the I, travel for energy conservation, the use of new energy sources

II, hit hard by natural dIsasters tax difficulties and other special reasons

III, public transport travel, rural residents owned and mainly in rural areas the use of motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed truck (provinces, Autonomous regions and municipalities to develop according to local conditions)

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