Full auto insurance must buy it?

Many novice white for the first time to buy a Car, because of the type of Auto insurance are not familiar with, so peremptorily have bought all rIsks, not only numerous types of insurance, the cost Is quite high, the result of one year, many insurance did not come in handy, just to teach you, how to buy insurance the most cost-effective and most practical!

a, which insurance must buy

1. Strong insurance

thIs Is U.S.’s compulsory insurance. When the accident occurred, and lose to the party knocked, and the amount of compensation Is limited. Limit total of 122,000 yuan. ThIs Is not enough in the face of some of the larger accident.

2. Commercial third party liability insurance

three insurance Is to pay high insurance supplement Is paid to others, for its part beyond the limit to pay high insurance compensation from the insurance company to pay compensation, so that the faithful Car as much as possible while the insured to pay high insurance and three insurance, so when there Is a major traffic accident guarantee.

3. Car damage

The first two are used insurance payment of others, and vehicle damage insurance Is paid to the insured’s own.

Second, what insurance to buy Is not necessary

1. scratches insurance

Usually a Car Will not have to buy the scratches insurance, insurance premiums scribe line 2000 400, 5000 800 amount Is. And escape from danger to himself once or twice a 4S shop to repair it 1000 dollars now, out of the repair also cheaper. And scratches insurance multiple stacking limits, but also affect the second year rate.

2. spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion vehicle warranty period by the manufacturers warranty Is responsible, even if you buy the rIsk, also belong to overlapping insurance, meaningless. After the warranty period Will certainly have to buy it? Not necessarily.Recommendations are based on condition, the general 4–5 years due to the aging line, harsh environment can consider buying spontaneous combustion rIsk.

not deductible means

3. Additional rIsk non-deductible insurance

Is to present the owner to bear 20% of the transfer to the insurance company . Non-deductible divided into basic insurance and additional insurance, the former for the basic Car damage insurance, three insurance and other independent take effect; the latter unity additional insurance for the Car to take effect. The basic non-deductible insurance Is quite used, the proposed purchase, but also additional insurance Is not particularly recommend you to buy additional insurance Is not deductible even if the bar.

4. The whole Car pilfer

ThIs Car Is stolen or lost in the case of grab I think thIs Is nothing necessary insurance, and in thIs day and age, Car theft, Car snatching a rarity. The insurance premium Is also naked and proportional to the prices of their Cars, such as bare-year premium Car prices 10 million Is probably about five hundred, and I think thIs money Is completely Province.

Third, buy Auto insurance to save money tips

1. direct website more cost-effective

Careful riders should be early detection, and if through some intermediaries such as dealers, agents, brokers selling products than direct insurance the company more expensive. Indeed, the latter Is actually 15% lower than the former rate it, and now the site to insure more perfect, there are often a number of promotional activities, it Is more cost-effective than direct insurance website or Will.

2. The third party insured a higher price

Upon the occurrence of insurance claims, three insurance human , Car, property, the amount of compensation Is high, the proposed three insurance limit as much as possible to buy 50 million, while in fact the sum insured from 500,000 yuan to buy $ 1 million insurance premium increase of only 200 yuan to 300 yuan, really met thing you know and more useful.

3. Strong insurance expiration timely renewal

If expiration Is not timely pay high insurance renewal, to pay more premiums. 5-10 days in advance Is recommended renewal as well, there Is no need too early.

we can choose according to their own needs to adapt insurance, do not have to buy all, save those unnecessary expenses Is essential.