Front bumper car easily broken, Why in the end? None of the original has been

people of our nation’s standard of living Is getting better, many families have a Car, the Car on the road today Is a lot, bringing the frequent occurrence of some accidents, for their own security, we now amount to buy a Car friends Will be very concerned about the safety of the Car, a lot of people are wondering Why the Car bumper easily broken. We Will feel the quality of the vehicle bumper Is poor, in the end Why? Turned out he has been thinking wrong.

Prior to thIs, we need to look at the bumper of the vehicle, in fact, many drivers know their Car Is not too well, for their own bumper of the vehicle may have a lot of mIsunderstanding, in fact, the Car’s bumper, not like before a single structure and composition, he actually made an impact beam and crash box parts these components are connected and composed.

because the previous Car manufacturing technology Is also particularly backward, bumper major Is a huge metal beams. Such bumpers are made of thick steel plates caused by U-shaped steel, and then treated in the frame or the longitudinal beam welded together, which Is more primitive. In fact, it Is very heavy, but for energy absorption effect Is small, and if the pedestrian impact, might cause great bodily injury to pedestrians.

In fact, we now bumper of the vehicle, not the kind of bumper before. Bumper front now often made of plastic bumper housing outermost layer, and then mounted inside a bumper and bumper energy absorbing material and connected to the vehicle body side member composed of such a bit can make the vehicle look mainly it more attractive, but also has a significant role to reduce vehicle fuel consumption. ThIs material Is plastic, but also for pedestrians better protection, thIs bumper can be very lightweight. And some of the higher energy absorption effect.

However, many drivers feel front and rear bumpers of the vehicle we can guarantee the quality of our Car, but thIs idea Is wrong. The quality of our body determines our Car Is safe.

andInside the cockpit of our vehicles Is an important part of protecting the owner, because the A-pillar and B-pillar of the vehicle Is mainly composed of hot steel molding, we feel safe Car roof, but also the use of the ribs, can after a better guarantee vehicle collIsion, our travel staff Will have a better space. Ensure better security.

talked about torture and more, we all know that many drivers. Before we all think Is wrong, not the bumper beam Is not strong, but the design of truth. Truly understand the specific principles of the collIsion the Car. It Is not primarily in order to prevent a collIsion, but in order to better absorb and transfer energy, but also better ensure safety. The quality of our vehicles Is to ensure the security of the key.