Freeze buy car insurance! Insiders recommend only these four! Continue to buy Is a waste of money

buy Car insurance Freeze! Insiders recommend only these four! Continue to buy Is a waste of money

Car has entered every household, and was followed by maintenance, repair, Car insurance and other Auto-related problems, especially a wide variety of Auto insurance, dazzling, what kind of insurance should buy a better arrangement? Freeze buy Car insurance! Insiders recommend only these four! Continue to buy Is a waste of money

to pay high insurance

In fact pay high insurance Is a compulsory purchase insurance, but in the actual accident claims, the limitations of cross-strong insurance Is still very strong. Although it seems that thIs Is a totally tasteless insurance, but not in Quefei buy a lot of people, otherwIse the Car Is not examined by the!

third party liability insurance (or three insurance liability insurance)

Because of the small cross-strong insurance claim paid, traffic accidents often occur, to pay high insurance payment amount Is not enough, so we need a third party liability insurance. So that we can be the responsibility of the owner to deal with the loss of accident insurance companies pass on, let us go to the insurance company to the claims, in order to reduce our own losses. It should be clear: Although, third party liability insurance and pay high insurance payments are others, but there Is a major difference Is: the responsibility to pay high insurance should pay no responsibility, and the responsibility to pay third party liability insurance, no responsibility without pay .

personal recommendation to buy third party liability insurance, can be purchased in accordance with the host cities, small urban configuration 30-5- million and metropolitan configuration 50-100 million, or reason to buy such a high sum insured, Is to prevent the occurrence of special circumstances, such as luxury Cars hit.

non-deductible insurance

If the owners only purchase Car damage insurance with a third party, then, in the event of when the accident insurance companies have a certain percentage of the deductible proportion, that the owner must own some of the money out to pay for the accident. butBuy non-deductible insurance, then paid a total loss within the scope of these two types of insurance would allow insurance companies to solve.

Car damage

so-called caustic danger Is that when the vehicle accident when damaged, the insurance company and the owners Will be the basIs for compensation for damage insurance. After an insurance company, vehicle maintenance costs borne by the owner of a lot less. So one of the insurance after a Car caustic danger Is that we have to buy, we have Car damage insurance for Car owners Is very important. However, Car damage insurance companies in accordance with the value of the Car using its claims, and if the Car has been used enough in life, then you can not buy caustic danger Is, after all, the Car itself has no value.

to the vehicle insurance Is necessary, thIs Is traffic safety final guarantee it, but still be rational to judge , I do not know how much Auto insurance to spend RMB each year it? Those who buy the insurance?