Four vehicles have to buy insurance, you really do know their usefulness

Cars have become one of the common means of transport, but you can not run often avoid some accidents on the road. Insurance Is also very important, some people insured vehicle itself Is ambiguous. Merchants who sell Cars just blindly recommend vehicles all rIsks, in fact, fully insured Car Is not only expensive, but a lot Is almost no access to insurance, such as wading and fire insurance, the country can really apply it ?

So the question Is, are we normal people insured vehicle must buy what kinds of it? What Is really direct and effective it? Personally think that the most practical insurance Is nothing more than the following four common rIsk.

First, the vehicle traffic compulsory insurance

compulsory insurance Is a type of insurance traffic regulations law that must be purchased, that Is, we often say that pay high insurance, have the insured vehicle can legally hit the road . Compulsory insurance of Car damage claims Is less than 2000, up to 110,000 casualties responsibility, no responsibility casualties $ 10,000 compensation. ThIs means that if an accident occurs, under no circumstances lead to personal injury damage to the vehicle, and the loss amount Is not more than 2000 yuan.

Second, third party liability insurance

Third liability insurance

vehicle also suggest that you purchase, third party liability insurance means the financial responsibility of the insured person or allow the driver occurred in the use of the insured vehicle during an accident, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, which shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable. And the sum insured Is started by the 300,000 individuals feel still need to buy 100 million.

Third, the non-deductible insurance

Is not deductible insurance and third liability insurance with the purchase takes effect insurance, if you buy a third liability insurance does not buy non-deductible insurance, then after the vehicle damage Is not one hundred percent payment, insured the insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued in charge of their own plus sub to the insurance company.

Fourth, the Car damage

Car damage Is insured for hIs own vehicle, which Is insured vehicle accidents, resulting in their own vehicles by loss, a kind of insurance within a reasonable range of insurance payments. The sum insured amount Is determined based on the value of the vehicle.

personally feel that as long as the vehicle has four road safety can be assured, regardless of the way the size of the problem can be resolved. If we had an accident, regardless of who Is ultimately responsible, please do not panic, control emotions, set the security prompt immediately after the transfer to a safe place or roadside, the police waiting for rescue.