For full coverage, the average cost of Florida auto insurance is $ 3,385 per year or $ 283 per month. The minimum sum insured in Florida is $ 2,572, while the full auto insurance cost for a driver who had a previous accident is $ 4,931.

It is essential that Florida drivers can get a variety of auto insurance deals, some of which are cheaper than others. This depends on the insurer, the location, the vehicle, the driving record, and many other factors. For example, the cost of car insurance stated in the same city in Florida can vary from company to company by more than $ 1,000 a year.

Also, rates may increase year on year, although the top 10 auto insurers in Florida only increased by 0.8% in 2019 prices. To get the best rates, drivers need to compare multiple offers from local and national auto insurers.

Who owns the cheapest car insurance premium in Florida?

The cheapest car insurance companies in Florida for a full coverage policy are:

  • State Farm

These two companies quoted our reference drivers an average annual auto insurance rate of $ 2,200, an average savings of $ 1,190 per year, compared to the Florida average of $ 3,375.

Florida Cheap car insurance

Your cost estimates for car insurance vary, among other things, depending on where you live and your driving experience. Compare prices to make sure you find the best Florida auto insurance rates.

Progressive and Allstate provide Florida’s most expensive auto insurance rates, which are 35% higher than the state average.

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Full insurance car insurance includes comprehensive and collision insurance to protect the driver from vehicle damage.

Cheapest car insurance rates, least coverage in Florida

GEICO and State Farm again offered the cheapest car insurance deals with minimal insurance coverage in Florida.

Together, these two insurance companies offered average rates of $ 1,450 a year, or 45% less than the average Florida auto insurance courses with minimum coverage ($ 2,570).

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Minimum coverage auto insurance policies only meet the minimum requirements of Florida state law. Unlike full-coverage car insurance policies, the minimum coverage does not include comprehensive and collision coverage.

Although you can buy insurance at a lower price, the premium is the smallest, but lowering the insurance limit may put you at risk of under protection in the event of a car accident and fail to protect your car if accused. The difference between Florida’s total and minimum policies is $ 806.

Cheapest car insurance rates in Florida with previous accidents

State Farm and GEICO also offer the cheapest all insurance auto insurance quote to Florida drivers who have an accident in their driving records.

The average car insurance premium provided by the two insurance companies is $ 2,895, which is 42% lower than the Florida average of $ 4,930.

The best car insurance companies in Florida

According to our customer satisfaction survey, the best car insurance company in Florida with the highest customer service rating is Allstate. 64% of Allstate policyholders said they were “delighted” with their customer service experience.

Although Allstate was the most expensive insurer for all types of policies in Florida, more users seem satisfied with the company’s products and services. State Farm, the cheapest insurer in our survey, was not far from Allstate in terms of customer satisfaction and positive ratings.

The best car insurers in Florida for complaints

When considering customer complaints that are a good indicator of customer service quality, the best auto insurance companies in Florida are:

  • Florida Farm Bureau
  • Amica
  • Southern-Owners

Progressive, State Farm, Allstate and GEICO, four of Florida’s largest auto insurers, also perform above average in customer ratings with relatively low loss ratios.