Five sets of car insurance, which Is enough to use, and do not give money to the insurance company

In a sense, the Car Is a luxury, but also a consumable, drive out Is inevitable bumps, which need to use the Car insurance that can help us save a lot of maintenance costs and receive compensation, but at present there are many Car insurance, variety, let us pick dazzled, in fact, there are five sets of Car insurance, these items would suffice.

According to relevant regulations, all Cars on the road have to pay high insurance, which Is the first one kind of Car insurance, Is mandatory, must have, or can not hit the road. But the relatively fixed amount of compensation, not enough under normal circumstances. So there Will be two kinds of Auto insurance, which Is the third party liability insurance, pay supplement may think thIs Is a strong rIsk of a higher amount of compensation, many owners have opted for thIs kind of Car insurance.

But even if there Is third party liability insurance, the amount of compensation Is very high, but if you run into luxury Cars and take full responsibility, it needs huge amounts of money for compensation, ThIs requires the first three kinds of Car insurance, which Is non-deductible insurance, if they need to compensate, the rIsk can be passed on to insurance companies, but also for their kind of protection.

A fourth Car insurance Is Car damage. Sometimes in traffic accidents among not only the other vehicle damage, their Car Is in need of repair, thIs time if there Is Car damage, can repair hIs Car by the insurance company, Will receive some compensation costs, Is indeed very appropriate.

A fifth Car insurance Is also necessary, which Is a third-party special insurance. Sometimes, even if a traffic accident has not occurred, the vehicle Will also accidental damage, such as Cars parked on the roadside, others are accidental collIsion, but could not find the responsible person, thIs time you can get insurance compensation by a third-party special. Basically, more than five kinds of Car insurance already covers most of the need to use the insurance, do not silly to give money to the insurance company, which Is enough to use.