Experts advIse: thIs fact can not buy car insurance, buy basically wasted

Thank you for your invitation to answer! First, we must be clear once the conductor wants you to buy insurance Is two dollars of additional insured! It Is an additional insured! The accident insurance Is a major additional paid twenty thousand, thIs man’s previous policy! Now how much money to buy additional insurance requirements do not know, because so many years did not take the bus up! If you encounter such a bundling of insurance, you can refuse, but most people Will refuse!

we take the train airplane boat rental and other operating public transport, the transportation costs which are rich in the insurance, meaning that as long as the ticket! In addition to the accident Will be paid, and the transport vehicles they buy a full commercial insurance, any accident Will get paid, according to the price type and price paid insurance Is not the same!

but in some cases the insurance company may refuse payment, such as operating companies have significant major fault, such as long-dIstance bus overcrowding overloaded! Major accident caused by the driver to obtain a driver’s license appropriate qualifications, such as a driver’s license to open A2 A1 to open the passenger bus, the bus driver drink-driving or operating the Car! Do not follow the instructions with speeding, etc. caused by the accident, the insurance company has the right to Shaopei of all! Airbus operators Will make the appropriate compensation in such a case!

In summary, take the bus conductor have asked you want to buy insurance, do not buy a Car accident the insurance company Is not compensation for passenger transport it? We can be sure of the answer, you can not buy the extra insurance, if you think these two dollars does not matter, buy it anyway! Whether you’re buying the extra two dollars insurance compensation after an accident you should have no less! Please be assured refuse it!

ThIs bundling we often encounter, if unreasonable, we can refuse! Hope it helps you!

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