Expert: Car insurance you can buy only three kinds, and the rest are in the money pit!

Expert: Car insurance can only buy three kinds, and the rest are in the money pit!

just bought a new Car for the group, the first year of insurance certainly not less, and that all rIsks Austrian, and thIs series of insurance for Car owners Is advantageous, however, various options include insurance inside many owners actually do not understand, anyway, to buy all rIsks of the owners spent a lot of time and money, thIs Is not an expert who claims to have said: just buy three kinds of Car insurance you can, the rest are in the money pit, when these words spoken, was shelled many owners, riders have also said: when the experts can tell the truth?

Subsequently experts also explained: Insurance inside the routine more than that, but the owner did not come into contact with thIs, if the owner Is also a piece of real contact Will not select all rIsks, it Is to suggest that you only need to buy three you can, start with the first must buy Auto insurance to insurance board staff, thIs insurance can play most of the drivers and occupants direct guarantee, once the Car Is a major accident, the occupants can enjoy thIs service. Reduce the cost of capital Will open. ThIs can not be less.

The second rIsk Is the third party liability insurance, thIs insurance Is the route pedestrians, other vehicles to protect, after all, more and more road vehicles, owners believe it Is likely to cause harm to others, so when things happen, the owner Will be able to use third-party liability insurance to deal with, the cost of the injured party need, basically borne by the insurance. The owners must use!

There Is a third term rIsk to non-deductible insurance, in addition to the two significant safety role, as thIs insurance Will play a role when necessary if the owners do not fully enjoy all kinds of insurance, but the owner can directly use the third non-deductible insurance to appropriate compensation, in order to reduce their losses. So thIs Is also very important Austrian insurance!

After three Insurance reading expert analysIs, basically a very good protection against security personnel, the owner need not worry himself with be in big trouble, but experts said last; some insurance on the vehicleSome are not small, but the glass insurance, scratches insurance, etc., Is not really useful for Car owners, Is to buy a deal with them too much, that time Will come out a variety of routine, thIs must be the owner cautious!