Employees Insurance: Auto Insurance Will buy three, the other basically money pit

The Car Is one means of transport in people’s lives, in early before the Car but local tyrants exclusive product, so that by now, almost every household has a Car, and we all know that the Car the price Is relatively high, not a small number, so we usually buy a Car to buy insurance, sometimes linked to the rub, and you can pay a little less money, not even to pay, then when are you buying a Car time, Will ask you to find 4s shops to buy a few of insurance that the insurance buy a lot of insurance. Today there Is a departing employee insurance company told us to buy a Car need to buy what kinds of insurance? If you buy, that Is a waste of money.

The first point Is to say that the Car insurance personnel, which Is the seat of our insurance, in fact, a lot of people do not choose thIs insurance, I the Insurance Is actually very useful, generally speaking, then, a lot of people buy a Car, can not be said to be driving themselves out, a lot of friends out of the traffic accident, compensation if passengers on board choice, then you can from thIs Insurance in compensation, unless you go out just after yourself, do not pull other people.

The second point Is that the third party liability insurance, many people rIsk not particularly clear on thIs third-party liability, not particularly understand, but Will always lIsten others say thIs Is very important, meaning to say, thIs insurance Is third party other than the owner and the insurance company, Is the owner of some of the acts of the party, if caused economic losses, then the compensation Is to be borne by the insurance company, but thIs also should be noted that, if the owner Is the responsible party, causing other people dIsabled, then the insured Is only responsible for all expenses before dIscharge, as after dIscharge, just as the insured Is no other relationship that maintenance of conservation like the .

The last must pay attention to, thIs insurance name Is not deductible additional insurance, thIs insurance Is to buy a certain, if we do not buy it, Will the emergence of a problem Is that if you had an accident, the insurance company has a certain franchIse, that Is, if something happens, you must come up with part of the money, I say you buy Is higher, your deductible 50%, if you need to compensate 100,000 words, Then you need to come up with 50,000, if you bought thIs insurance, 10 million dollars all by insurance companies for compensation, of course, thIs Is in a certain amount of, you sign a contract at that time how much money Is owed how much money, if you want to say you were owed 10 million dollars, you let the insurance company pay 110,000 people it Is impossible.

Of course, Xiao Bian also hope that such an incident does not happen we feel we have a small series of articles on the role, then it forwards the thumbs up about it, Xiao Bian Xiao Bian can also focus the next Will bring you new and different information every day.