Driving buy insurance the most tangled three insurance option 500,000 OR100 Wan? Old driver told you thIs brilliant idea!

man talking Car Car – Strong brother likes talking Car! We aim to make more friends to become the Car industry expert! Before we talk about the topic of “choose” Cars relatively more, today to talk about how the prospective owners to buy a Car insurance topics. When the Car arrived, how the insurance process to ensure road safety and the Car become a topic of concern to prospective owners.

complex types of insurance, in the end what to buy, what not to buy?

The selected third party liability insurance 500 000 OR100 Wan? Which Is right for me?

To sum up: a topic Is not difficult, the state mandated insurance coverage and premiums, relatively easy choice. In the difficult topic Second, the insured amount from 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, more than 1 million dollars, more appropriate in the tangled Which choice.

Briefly, fixed insurance become tangled and not insured (strong insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance) OR floating insured (insurance rates) tangled.

more simply put, Is aligned owners, third party insurance = floating sum insured 500,000 OR100 Wan how to choose?

Today, we start with the beginning of Auto insurance, Car insurance details, driving the process of how to protect people and Car safety, whichever owners to provide security services? How affordable to buy insurance? Third party insurance = floating sum insured 500,000 OR100 Wan how to choose? Prospective owners how to protect personal and property safety.

Car insurance

= Auto insurance Is driving in the Car and the escort!

= Auto insurance concept: the motor vehicle insurance, Auto insurance referred to, also known as Auto insurance. It refers liable for personal injury or property damage due to natural dIsasters or motor vehicle accident caused by a commercial insurance. Car insurance Is a kind of property insurance.

= Car insurance Car gold-speed rail network

Auto insurance category:

insurance integral parts of two types:

1> strong insurance : full name [motorized traffic ] accident liability compulsory insurance Is U.S.’s first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system. Traffic Insurance victims of road traffic accidents caused by the insurance company by the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle [not including the vehicle and the insured persons] of personal injury, property damage , in the limits of liability be compensated mandatory liability insurance. – The main victims of accident compensation, ie Care of others.

advantage: the national compulsory, fixed and low insurance coverage to meet the basic security needs of accident victims.

dIsadvantages: low liability limits.

traffic accident Is no small matter, road safety Is a major event

2> commercial Auto insurance: main points and additional rIsks two kinds of rIsk:

main rIsk:

(1) loss of vehicle insurance: refers to the insurance of vehicles affected by natural dIsasters in the insurance coverage (not including seIsmic) or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer compensation under the provIsions of the insurance contract. – the point Is to protect the Car itself (property damage), if you Care of my Car to buy. == fend for themselves.

(2) third party liability insurance: in charge of the insured vehicle accidents caused by the use of others (ie third party) personal injury liability for direct or damaged property. Crash or butt are most afraid of when driving their own Car Is not affected by the loss, but also to spend large sums of money to compensate the loss of others. – focuses on the protection of others (ie third party person, property damage). == Care of others.

because the Traffic Insurance (2008 Edition) in medical costs to third parties andLower compensation on damage to property in purchase to pay high insurance may still need to buy third party liability insurance as a supplement.

(3) vehicle liability insurance : – urban / rural social insurance + medical insurance + full insured amount of insurance = High + cost-effective. You can buy.

(4) daoqiangxian: – Is now safe city, smart city, cities everywhere eye in the sky, robbery probability of occurrence Is very low.

Additional rIsks:

(1) non-deductible insurance: only while the insured loss of vehicle insurance and thIs insurance Is only insured on the basIs of third party liability insurance. ThIs item handled special motor vehicle insurance compensation for the occurrence of the insured event, its deductible amount calculated in accordance with the terms of the basic insurance in the amount of compensation in line with the provIsions of the insurer liable. In other words, to do after thIs insurance, the vehicle Is involved loss of vehicle damage insurance and third party liability insurance aspects, all from the insurance company for compensation.

(2) glass insurance: – new drivers, the proposed election of a new Car to buy.

(3) scratches insurance: – new drivers, the proposed election of a new Car to buy.

(4) wading insurance: – based on actual needs, optional optional.

=== old drivers thIs brilliant idea to buy the best programs:

quasi buy a new Car buy insurance program:

1> old driver comes standard with the best solution:

The reason Is: as long as befriend insurance, road worry-free!

2> Standard best new drivers: + + scratches insurance glass insurance (both paint and tire to) the standard scheme based on the old driver

Mercedes-Benz AMG-A-45

= floating third party insurance sum insured 500,000 OR100 Wan how to choose?

1> for three insurance amount owners consider include 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000 50 million, 1 million, and 100 million or more, etc., the number of credits to buy the most appropriate? It also allows prospective owners the most tangled topic?

tangled because different insurance coverage corresponds to the different insurance, three insurance limits on how much Is required according to the insured at the time of signing the contract, in accordance with their own conditions determined each increase in the amount of a grade, need to pay more for insurance.

2> three insurance compensation for the legal basIs and the formula: According to “personal injury compensation interpret” Article 25 states: “The degree of dIsability compensation for loss of ability to work according to the victim or level of dIsability, according to a year by the appeal Court on the location of urban residents per capita dIsposable income per capita net income of rural residents, or standard, the residue from the date set by 20-year calculation.

how much compensation according to the formula: per capita income × compensation index × 20 years to calculate the

example: a second-tier cities, urban per capita dIsposable income was 50,000 dollars, and if caused hIs level 5 level of dIsability, according to the formula required amount of compensation of 50 million and subsequent mental damages, medical expenses, these payments and so on, these go together, you buy 500,000 three insurance Is not enough to lose.

example: a second-tier cities (municipalities / provincial capitals) relatively more traffic and people flow, a relatively large number of luxury Car brand tier cities (prefecture-level city / county) traffic volume and flow of people. more, a relatively small number of luxury Car brands, non-luxury brands Car mostly

3> older drivers in thIs brilliant idea: according to their own economic conditions and the location of the two standards to choose

1> where a second-tier cities (municipalities / provincial capitals) / Business travel Is often recommended to choose one of the three insurance amounts000 000/100 million or more.

2> where the four-tier cities (prefecture-level city / county) / commuting travel. Option three Is recommended insurance amounts 500,000 / 300,000.

3> where commuting travel five or six cities. Option three Is recommended insurance amounts 150,000 / 200,000.

The new jeep navigate worry-free

To sum up: the old drivers tactics for reference only. The selection criteria Is based on a comprehensive basIs and decide according to their location and demand for Cars. Old drivers often say:

property has a price, people priceless;

to pay high Car loss, coupled with the three non-deductible insurance;

Is selected from essential safe driving!

To worry, three high-rIsk as much as possible not selected low;

plus non-deductible insurance, driving out on the road Carefree!

Car Zhi Yan

I think everyone should have had a Car of their own, while our still young, as well as the spirit, the ability of the time, hey up, do not regret our youth. Over time, as we grow old, look back at yourself once young, had no regrets youth to make their pride.

-made red flag H7, quality assurance, safety and security

Car to study it, love it, the passion to drive it, to meditate Care of it;

it Will give your life to increase fun;

it can take you all over the motherland beautiful mountains and rivers;

it may be implemented off-road Sleeper each successful man;

It can take you over the mountains, go to nature, understanding the beauty of nature, to comprehend the beauty of life!

It can be with hIs family, wife, relatives, friends, to realize life {} every stay away trip of the loved words!

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