Do you know how to buy car insurance the best deal? Today the know tell you, do not waste money

Do you know how to buy Car insurance the best deal? Today the know tell you, do not waste money!

In the 21st century, more and more families into the ranks of the army to buy a Car . However, after the end of the story Is not bought Cars. In driving the process, one of the things themselves unprepared Payouyitian appear. As the saying goes afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, often in the river walk, how can we avoid wet shoes. Today we Will look at how popular you buy Auto insurance the most cost-effective? How to buy, how much to buy. How to choose the most suitable for them?

Car owners are aware that the Car must be turned over to strong safety. Traffic Insurance Is a must buy. But the light Is not enough to pay the insurance, and the insurance to pay strong when the accident occurred, the one you pay to give collIsion damage, and the amount of compensation Is limited. Hit someone else’s Car, in the case who the owner was not injured, lose up to 2000; the butt, but people are not killed, paid up to 10,000, the most serious Car accident casualties, paid up to 110,000, up to a total of a total of 122,000 yuan. So if it Is still not enough in the face of facing a major accident, it was safe for other Auto insurance buy insurance, but insurance Is not insurance Auto insurance vote the better, the more the purchase of insurance Is also spending more symbolic . So, what types of insurance insurance Is really necessary, as the case may be the personal Car, and thIs Will buy more affordable.

First of all, let’s talk about ways can now buy Auto insurance: the current mainstream choice we have four channel.

1, first Car 4S shop sold in the Car;

2, followed by the telephone later;

3, or major insurance companies themselves to buy from the next line;

4, the final purchase at the official website of the major insurance companies ;

Next come to talk each dollyPros and cons of insurance.

price if: buy their own words Is better than the 4S shop to buy. As the saying goes fleece, no matter how generous gift Is given, there Is often some promotional activities, it Is to buy insurance, not to buy the gifts. The final cost, or their phone directly or insurance would be more cost-effective.

degree of solid words: better insure their When the insured 4S shop. 4S shop owners with respect to the insurance company Is much less, the owner claims to the 4S shop, then thIs model Is one to one, certainly better service owners. Claims to the 4S shop Is the original parts, and also to have a quality guarantee. While he went to the insurance company claims, then often have to wait a long time, whether it Is to assess the damage, claims and so it takes more time, the need to drive the truck to the designated location to assess the damage, repair, many people had to line up for no longer time people are still quite tortured. However, insurance companies, to assess the damage of the price usually offer much better than the 4S shop, can give birth to save a little money, oil money should have one month out of the province.

, then the quality of service: better than in the 4S shop insurance own insurance, convenient and cost-effective peace of mind. In 4s shop owners insurance, in the face of a vehicle accident can be full power to deal with the 4S shop, enjoy the trailer repair of “one-stop” service. Also after the escape from danger claims, repairs, Will be damaged, documentation, and so policyholders do not have to worry about.

Finally, the fact, whether in-store or shop insurance insured, or to purchase Auto insurance based on individual circumstances and habits of the Car. Do not be fooled others.