Do not Waste of money! The four big auto insurance may not pay


immediately to the end of the year, Car owners have to face the problem of Auto insurance renewal. For many novice owners, because he did a very detailed understanding of insurance, just in case often on the purchase of all Auto insurance. Auto insurance Is divided into compulsory insurance and commercial insurance. That compulsory insurance to pay high insurance, which Is mandatory for the state sector, there must be.

and there are many commercial insurance in the insurance, Auto insurance Is that there are a lot do not have to buy, just buy a Car friends must be Careful to renewal friends never want white The money. Today, a small cool to come and you talk about four kinds of owners do not have to buy Auto insurance.

glass insurance

thIs Is the name of a small cool are just around the corner. So fragile glass, giving it the insurance, definitely helpful! A close look at the results of the contract to know, glass insurance, also known as the “glass breakage alone rIsks”, the original can only pay only when the glass Is broken, which Is what does that mean?

analogy, if your Car Is falling height to hit the windshield of the pots, and other parts of the body intact, thIs situation You Will be able to obtain insurance compensation. But if it Is to hit the glass skylight or roof, then there Is splashed debrIs, hit the windshield caused by broken glass out of the insurance companies Will not rIsk a penny of compensation. Also, the glass window Is not within the scope of compensation.

If the second case occurs, it would not worry too much, thIs can be paid by the Car damage. Therefore, the rIsk of glass breakage alone only glass, but other portions can not appear in the case with breakage. ThIs situation may occur and how much of it? Cool feel small, glass insurance too tasteless, bought useless.


say that insurance companies make money too easy, the name of the insurance get up a little confused by the vast majority of people WillObediently give money. The salesman Will say to you, buy pilfer, if the Car was stolen robbed, the insurance company Will give you compensation.

However, the salesman said the stolen robbed and you want not the same thing, he was referring to both the whole Car was stolen. If only Auto parts personal items, such as Car and mobile phone wallet Car wheels, mirrors, the insurance company Is “stingy” in.

and in the monitoring of data everywhere era, thieves stole the whole brain Will not both Cars. Therefore, the probability Is simply stolen emergency use tiny, the owners do not spend useless money.

scratches insurance

Of course, thIs rIsk and glass, as pilfer, nor scratches insurance ” As the name implies. ” When your Car does not have a scratch, with scratches insurance can pay, but paid only “a vehicle body of malicious acts of others caused by man-made scratches.”

In other words, only when someone intentionally with a sharp object only to compensation in the case of a draw of your body. If they do not Care Is scratched scratching to occur, then the scratches insurance Is invalid. Cool feel small, virtually scratch themselves to the possibility of the body than absolutely been maliciously scratched much larger, so the rIsk of scratches, not much use.

wading rIsk

Not to mention the rain, the possibility of floods inundated much of the Car, thIs involved Paul also lose water very limited insurance. Wading insurance, also known as “loss of engine particularly dangerous”, so wading Is paid only damage the engine. In addition to damage to transmIssion such as an engine, it Is not lost in the other vehicle’s insurance policy category wading.

there Is a very important point, flooded Car after flameout, Do not restart. If forced to restart the engine was damaged, the insurance company Is not paid. If you do not live in rainfall very big place, and that was not necessary to purchaseBuy a wading dangerous.

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