Do not waste buy auto insurance, which several services are free, do not buy do not know

Insurance companies have a secret, general insurance company Is not going with the owners say. What Is the secret? That Is to do Auto insurance can enjoy some free items.

thIs thing certainly has a few owners know it.

First of all you can do free trailer rescue, that at what time ah free trailer it? What you do in the process of moving Car suddenly broke down or a problem, thIs time for it you can call the insurance company for help. Logically speaking, there Will be general insurance in thIs project. If you do not choose the insurance companies and towing companies choose, you Will lose a lot of the cost of. After all, the trailer Is very expensive.

and then do a small series feel a good deal Is free to change a tire. Of course, thIs Is not to change a tire you want to change at any time can change, and if so, the insurance company would not be a big loss. Only an unexpected flat tire during travel time, you Will be free to change a tire. How free to change it, when you tire of the Car you directly to the insurance company called and said you need to change a flat tire, the insurance company Will give you the change. Austrian right, you have a spare tire must be Austrian. They just serve it, instead of providing tires.

The last of it Is that they can be added to water free to send oil to take power.

time it means that when you add water to the tank Is no water happens to you while not at home, thIs time you can call the insurance company to let they come to see the. Sending oil it Is very clear that you suddenly no oil in the process of moving, and you can only stop at the side of the road, and thIs time you can call the insurance company to let them come to see the oil. Of course, a lot of oil money when you need to pay. Take the it Is when your Car battery Is no electricity and you can not open fire, the insurance company can make calls to get them to help you.