Do not mess buy car insurance, old drivers: Stop wasting money on these four very practical!

believe that friends bought a Car the Car gave it bought the insurance, then we buy when you know what insurance Is more important for you, in fact, we do not need to buy all rIsks, but to pay high insurance Is a must purchase, that give us today to say what, in fact buy these four Is enough, stop giving away money, then you do not particularly understand thIs aspect would follow Xiaobian read on with it.

The first type Is a strong insurance. ThIs Is a must buy each Car, so we are no way to avoid, if you do not buy, then you can not drive the Car that it Is based on the number of seats determined, knocked party damage in case of an accident for, generally paid about 100,000, the highest not more than 122,000, thIs amount Will give us solve a lot of economic difficulties. In fact, we are particularly aware of thIs, so do not give you more than small series introduced.

The second variant Is the third-party liability insurance. Although there Is no legIslation must buy, but many owners Will choose it, because its role Is particularly large, the maximum payment amount Is also 122,000 yuan, the figure for some small accident was perfectly adequate. Do not mess buy Car insurance, old drivers: Stop wasting money on these four very practical! But if you encounter some of the larger accident, and that the money Is clearly not enough, but what we still need it as a supplement to alleviate our economic pressure, I can still dig a little less money.

A third Is a Car damage. We can see from the name, it Is for the Car itself, the Car itself Is a consumable, our long-term travel Will inevitably encounter some bump, if you are because of some accidents caused by damaged, it can help you be payment, of course you are because of some natural dIsasters caused Car damage occurs, it Will also be paid, but not all parts Will be lost, for example, on tires or headlights are not bright, these still need to solve our own.

Is a fourth non-deductible insurance. Traffic police Reminder: Car insurance you can buy these four, do not give money to the insurance company white! ThIs Is quite special, we have insured all rIsks or years, to buy it, that Is to say it Is only aAdditional insurance, in many cases the insurance company Will compensate the owner should pay the money, but also give us a lot of overhead reduction, we bought a third party or damage to suggest that you buy a Car together about thIs, because it really special practical.

ThIs Is a summary of the small series for everyone should buy some insurance, small series several years been using recently, we actually do not need to buy all rIsks, because rarely used but also many money. Not in the Car to buy full insurance, so that not only a waste of use to us Is not great, these four insurance would be sufficient to solve the problems we appear, then you have to buy it what kinds of insurance?