Do not lIsten to flicker insurance companies, auto insurance these four most useless, bought the insurance company Is to give money!

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Do not lIsten to flicker insurance companies, the four most useless Car insurance, buy It Is to give money to the insurance company!

For first-time buyers or people who do not understand the insurance, the face of such a wide variety of Auto insurance, you can not really do not know what to buy, think about it just in case to buy a bar. Little do they know there are some insurance after you have a reasonable analysIs of the situation itself can be considered not buy, because their payment terms really too tasteless, and can be used on the really very little chance. And today we look at these four inventory with Auto insurance.

First, the spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion rIsk Is the higher cost of insurance, collect premiums in accordance with 3.2 ‰, if It Is one of 10 million vehicles, the premium of 320 yuan. In fact, the new Car Is not necessary on the rIsk of spontaneous combustion, Is entirely the role of psychological comfort. Because the new Car warranty period, the case of spontaneous combustion occurred, manufacturers Will be paid, spontaneous combustion rIsk no use. If the line Is caused by spontaneous combustion himself, not to mention that the insurance does not pay, Will not pay the manufacturers.

Second, wading rIsk

wading insurance Is a useless insurance, my personal recommendation Is It lacks necessary, because few people Will own all right open into the water, as to feel that they can no past in the past, I can only say it was self-inflicted. No amount of rain season, usually not more than two months, and there Is a rIsk wading precondition that can only be guaranteed after your engine damage, compensation costs Will only engine, and once the Car really water to be flooded and damages the engine, in fact, and nothing useful it.

Third, scratches insurance

a higher rIsk of scratches mainstream price 5000 yuan 800 yuan premium amount required or so, and it Is an additional rIsk, can insure scratches insurance after the owner must be insured Car damage. 200,000 yuan vehicle, the cost of processing scratches are generally in the thousands. If because of scratches with claims recordYou can not enjoy the next year premium dIscounts, it Is not cost-effective. And after the new Auto insurance fee to change the dIscount factor has been changed, it can be said every time the dangerous condition of all premium increases, but the rate Is not really low, if only 200 yuan a scratch really can not keep their own money, or else the insurance premiums probably four or five times a scratch treated money. Also here Is to say that very often garages to buy Auto insurance, they Will send you scratch repair, it Is quite good.

Fourth, glass insurance

Some Car owners in the Car, the Car glass often afraid, Will be at night when parking, the falling objects to smash, and therefore dangerous to comfort a glass case on its own usually. But know thIs, glass Is actually a very dangerous pit of insurance, refers only windshield and window glass, not including lights ah, skylights, etc., but also to break alone. Means that, in order to use glass insurance, your Car must be good somewhere else, only glass injured before we lose.

200,000 or less for most models, my personal recommendation Is three insurance, to pay high insurance, caustic danger Is not deductible on it. In thIs regard, what Is your opinion?