Do not let car insurance Taoguang your wallet: these types of insurance Is not practical to spend money!

vehicle insurance Is essential for an expense, in everyday life, no one can guarantee the safety of driving, so buy insurance or buy, then we should buy what kind of insurance do?

first of all, needless to say, to pay high insurance must be purchased, which Is enforced by the State, which Is the basic guarantee of traffic. Then the next step Is a variety of commercial insurance, then what Is it for their own insurance

third party liability insurance:? The insurance means that when you He touched the other side of the Car after Car repair need each other, and in thIs case it Is necessary third party liability insurance, if you purchased the insurance, when thIs happens, the insurance company telephone direct hit, they have indemnities on it.

Car damage insurance: ThIs insurance means that without your own Car in need of repair, you can use thIs insurance, the insurance company to pay your maintenance costs. Of course, thIs Is just the insurance when your Car accident and in need of repair insurance company Will pay.

non-deductible insurance: Whether third party liability insurance or Car damage have some liability limits, beyond thIs limit, the insurance company Will not pay unless you buy non-deductible insurance. Buy non-deductible, the insurance company Will compensate all maintenance costs, Will not let you out of a penny.

All these four are the best to buy the insurance, then what kind of insurance Is a selective buying it?

daoqiangxian: As the name suggests, Is after if your Car Is turned or robbed, or the insurance company Will be paid. thIs insurance can buy. If you are prone to theft cases around, it Is recommended to buy the insurance.

spontaneous combustion rIsk: There are many reasons for spontaneous combustion vehicles, but generally the use of the Car a long time, more than three years to buy thIs Car insurance.

wading insurance: Southern recent heavy rains, many Cars were flooded, or in the case when traveling in flameout water. Buy wading insuranceSmall children can apply for a partner insurance company for compensation. If your area thIs Is the case, it Is recommended to purchase thIs insurance. ThIs would also like to remind children of the junior partner Yes. If your Car stalled in the water, do not start the Car again, if problems arIse, the insurance company Is not compensation.

scratches insurance: ThIs purchase Is recommended novice drivers or people who like to buy parking chaos, novice drivers, because the technology Is not so flexible, easy to hit other things, cause scratches to the Car, the parking chaos of people, there may be other people could not understand you, you scratching your Car.

board officers liability insurance: ThIs Is generally the purchase of commercial vehicles. But if your Car often Carrying relatives and friends, it Is recommended to buy the insurance.

In addition to the first four to suggest that you buy all outside, behind several insured can choose the right insurance to make a purchase based on their individual circumstances.