Do not give money to the insurance company for nothing, these three kinds of auto insurance the most tasteless, have no access to the car to be scrapped

stop giving away money to the insurance company, these three kinds of Auto insurance the most tasteless, have no access to the Car to scrap

A lot of people after buying the Car, Will according to their own situation to buy a Car on several insurance. After all, more traffic on the road now, it Is likely to have occurred a number of scratches and other accidents. So buy insurance Is a kind of guarantee for the Car. But the owners when buying insurance, rarely truly comprehensive understanding of the insurance content. So buy some more “tasteless” insurance, even after buying a used Car scrapping it would not open, we look together Is what insurance.

First, the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. ThIs total insured shoved a name to the feeling of usefulness getting bigger, but the actual use restrictions very much. If spontaneous combustion occurred in the shelf life of the Car, then, it Is the first Car manufacturer to compensation, the insurance company Is not paid. If it Is out of warranty, compensation Is very harsh conditions, the insurance company Will take “spontaneous combustion” for something, no matter what causes spontaneous combustion, placed inside the Car perfume, lighters and other flammable items Is not the time payment of.

Second, pilfer. ThIs Is also the name of the insurance on relatively tall, and pilfer the price Is more expensive. Many owners think that can be a good safeguard their Car was stolen after just Will not buy such insurance. But before buying such insurance found pilfer coverage of the entire Car was stolen, it Is generally lost a rearview mirror, throwing tires and smashed Car windows to steal. The insurance company Is not paid.

Third, scratches insurance. Because of the blind spot. Many people are likely to cause some Car bump the Car, and sometimes do not know what bump occurred at a time, the Car just suddenly came out a few scratches. If you go up painting repair shop, then a little scratch on the need to re-spray paint in one piece, not only expensive, but also more trouble. Some owners believe that thIs time Will go scratches insurance than their own repair shop use.

But when the real Newspaper had several scratches insurance after’ll understand, if the number of times more dangerous condition, then the second year of insurance costs canEnough to rIse a lot. By the time the money Is estimated than more expensive touch-up painting. In so doing we are also very uneconomical. But paint scratches, and if not repaired in time, the paint Is easily oxidized, long time Will spread to the surrounding, but also seriously endanger Automotive steel. But we do not really have a choice? Not really, we directly own up painting repair it.

thIs up painting it a pack of cigarettes a money compared to the cost of insurance and repair shop, simply drop in the ocean. But also no need to worry that they Will not repair. When used against scratches as long as you can gently smear, and there Is thIs quick-drying, portable and so on, very convenient to use.