Do not buy auto insurance premiums are confused, do not choose auto insurance have you cry

Xiaopeng Q5 Auto insurance expires, renewal when he got two quotes, brothers offer Is 8900, strangers offer Is 8100, and gave a free gift, the result Xiaopeng choose the 8100 strangers, do not know my brother earns less than 150, and 8100 stranger has earned at least 1000! because of an accident, found that the policy Is a single driver, traveling the region, designated garages, also there are not full insurance, so that not a penny to pay.

ThIs story reminded the majority of Car owners: do not buy Auto insurance greedy little cheap suffered a major loss, but also can choose to fit your insurance Is king [! 123]

to buy Auto insurance premiums must not be confused

at the end of the insurance company in order to gain more more customers, Will launch a number of special offers Auto insurance, Auto insurance and each brand offers a larger than a strength. A small insurance fast friends, there are two months away from the Auto insurance expires, the insurance company recently always received a lot of calls, remind him renewal, and inform the company of its preferential, only to send oil to buy Auto insurance Card cases, preferential prices ranging from 400 yuan to 2,000 yuan. Some say gift tachograph, maintenance, as well as direct bribe or cash back, etc., such a big dIscount for renewal after going to see if you have heart full of it?

in fact, buy the best Car insurance can receive a dIscount of course, the most important thing Is to clear the insurance consumers are buying their own content . Whether the insurance Is to buy full insurance? If the reduced sum insured, reduce insurance program in exchange for low prices, the result of an accident Is not lost or insurance companies do not pay , you know already taken too late!

want to buy Auto insurance dIscount, in addition to have a good driving habits, less than escape from danger, picked for their own insurance could save a large sum for you.

Also a Car if you are on a full rIsk Will need 7,000 yuan, but if you need to choose according to their own insured for your own vehicle, such as many owners have chosen not on the whole Car pilfer, wading insurance, the odds of these spontaneous combustion rIsk Is relatively smallInsurance, third party liability insurance on the to 500,000, so that insurance costs can be as low as 5,000 yuan, nearly 2,000 yuan lower than the full insurance 2,000 yuan ah, a small fortune in expenses, so for Auto insurance renewal in addition to full protection, selecting the right insurance can save you Province !!!

▍ which must buy Car insurance!

1, to pay high insurance Is certainly a must buy insurance

have Car insurance are many, but to pay high insurance Is driving the road Will buy insurance, it Is a mandatory requirement of the country. Personal

caused the victim in a Car accident (not including the vehicle and the insured persons) casualties, property damage, compensation shall be affordable within the limits of liability.

a, has the responsibility of compensation limit

motor vehicle road traffic accident occurred on the responsibility of compensation limit which limits death and dIsability compensation 110,000 yuan compensation for medical expenses limit Is $ 10,000, and property loss limit Is only $ 2,000, the maximum compensation limit of 12.2 million.

b, no responsibility of liability limits

motor vehicle accident no compensation limit liability occurred on the road much lower than the responsibility, in which death and dIsability compensation limit of $ 11,000, the limit of compensation for the medical expenses of $ 1,000, while the compensation for property damage limit of only 100 yuan, the highest compensation limit of 12,100 yuan.

cross-strong limited insurance compensation amount, the commercial insurance supplement Is very necessary!

▍ should choose commercial Auto insurance insurance

1, the most the most important – third party liability insurance.

Third Party Liability

Is a strong complement to pay high insurance, provide security for compensation for losses to others (including persons and property). Because pay high insurance pay less, but the highest paid 2,000 yuan, thIs part of the repair costs exceed, if you are not on third party liability insurance, you Will need your own pocket up. So almost all the third party liability insurance Car owners must on insurance. About the difference between the three insurance and pay high insurance can protect the small quick reference “to understand the difference between a few pictures to pay high insurance and liability insurance! Who hit the luxury Car you pay?” Article.

and Is also divided into third party liability 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, etc. several, the best choice of 500,000 or 1 million, if not Carefully hit the luxury Car in full on the three played a big role.

2, caustic danger of course, also very important.

and the three to pay high insurance compensation insurance Is another person’s loss, and Car damage Is liable for the loss of their own Car insurance.

For example, you are a novice driver, inevitably scratch bumper, the Car hit the guardrail or if someone else Car, own Car damage, repair costs depends on it took.

range caustic danger can be insured actually quite wide! Vehicle collIsion, overturning of a fire, explosion, natural dIsasters, the collapse of external objects or falling, running parallel to the insured vehicle fall, causing loss of vehicle and so can be paid, powerful, right? knowledge more caustic danger can refer to “Traffic forced to buy three luxury Cars afraid to hit, how to use caustic danger? fee changes affect you so what” thIs article.

Excluding special loss insurance franchIse – the most practical insurance.

In the Auto insurance, Car damage, three, board staff, has certain franchIse pilfer (for example 5%, 20%, etc.), different types of insurance, different responsibilities franchIse Is different. If you do not buy a franchIse, excluding special damage insurance, partially within the franchIse, the insurance company Will not give your payment, and only after the insured loss, excluding special insurance franchIse to a 100% payout after escape from danger.

For example:

For example, you crashed tree:

bicycle accident take full responsibility for the loss of vehicles 3,000 yuan, tree (all others) lost 500 yuan.

If the insured Jusun Xian and three non-deductible insurance, can be fully compensated.

If there Is no insurance not deductible, because it Is full responsibility, 20% deduction, can only lose 80% + 3000 * 500 * 2900 = 100%.

In thIs case, also need to pay for their own repair that $ 600.

Paul small fast recommendation, the main Car insurance (three, caustic danger, daoqiangxian, vehicle liability insurance), special non-deductible preferably attached on both rIsk. Because the general Auto insurance Will have a deductible amount, if you do not buy non-deductible, then, after the dangerous condition Will not enjoy the full amount paid. More knowledge about the non-deductible insurance can refer to the “non-deductible insurance 360 ​​° no dead? In fact, these cases you have to hIs own pocket!.”

board officers liability insurance (driver, passenger) – the only surety insurance.

Importance: important

board members liability insurance for the Car ride your loved ones! wife, close friends as well as yourself who provide more comprehensive protection. For example, your Car accidentally crashed into a tree, resulting in personal injury or death of the Car, the driver of the vehicle or person in the process of moving the emergency brake caused casualties, as well as vehicle collIsion resulting in personal injury or the Car thIs Car death (thIs Car full responsibility), on and off accidental injuries suffered by the way, etc., are within the scope of compensation of board members of liability insurance. Therefore, board officers liability insurance Is necessary, and preferably on all insured full of drivers and passengers, be prepared! More about vehicle liability insurance can refer to the “vehicle liability insurance how to lose? He really Is better to buy buy copies of accident insurance? “article.

Alternatively ▍ insurance Car insurance Is optional

pilfer: [123Not recover after] pilfer the claims Is that, after the Car Is stolen, the police filed three months (some two months), the insurance companies to the claims, but paid to count the depreciation and deductibles.

such as new Cars bought 200,000 Cars, after the Card Is stolen. Removal of depreciation, left more than 190,000, multiplied by 80 percent Is lost only about 16 million.

pilfer stolen vehicle must be given to the claims only, if only stolen tires are not compensable in

, while nor guarantee the stolen vehicle article . Under normal circumstances the possibility of robbery of the vehicle Is still relatively low, Car loans Will be asked to buy pilfer, if the full amount to buy a Car you can own a Car parking environmental considerations as appropriate.


▍ Auto insurance new regulations, which do not have to buy insurance.

Glass breakage alone

RIsk Engine wading / special rIsk of loss / Autoignition insurance

body scratches loss insurance

Why are these types of insurance do not have to buy it? because after you get out of danger with next year’s premiums Will rIse, not worthwhile, of course, if you are a luxury Car, which can be configured oh.

Auto insurance knowledge Tips:

First: drunk driving Insurance Business insurance Is not lost, but to pay high insurance within the scope of responsibility can pay a third party personal injury.

Second: The Car must be examined in the effective period, the insurance Will be extended exclusions, even if extended day, so be sure to remember to regularly examined.

Third: The Car Is flooded or wading flame, do not start again. Waiting to be rescued or neutral gear pushed to safety.


: when to buy Car insurance to protect at least you know what to buy, how much insurance coverage, there Is sure to read the RIsk DIsclosure and liability dIsclaimers Carefully when buying insurance, buy full insurance protection, insurance can be cut, as the case may not buy, so when your renewal premiums naturally, can save a lot of oh. Do not be dazzled attractive gifts fans, after all, have Auto insurance renewal want to save money from the less dangerous condition, the election of appropriate insurance to save. To learn more about Auto insurance renewal, refer to “How far in advance Auto insurance renewal Is good? Auto insurance renewal as well as the original doorways children” and “how to renew expired Auto insurance cheaper? Why the premium mid-fall ? “these two articles. you want to know all sorts of small insurance next time and talk to you about insurance. Fast to protect the family does not sell insurance, only one-stop solutions for the insurance third party, to do great ecological safety of those links.