Do not buy auto insurance direct all rIsks, in fact, only enough to buy four kinds, a year can save a lot of money

do not directly buy Auto insurance all rIsks, in fact, only enough to buy four kinds, a year can save a lot of money

We all know that Car every year are required to purchase insurance, some insurance Is compulsory purchase, but there are some insurance Is a selective buying, but there Is a part of the owners for safety reasons he did not understand in thIs regard, we Will choose to buy all types of insurance Qi, to be sure, but in fact there are some types of insurance in the role of actual use Is not large, in fact, and there Is no need under one roof, then every year which in fact it Is enough to buy insurance? Today I gave you count four kinds of it, a year can save you a lot of money.

1, to pay high insurance

traffic accident liability compulsory insurance referred to Is to pay high insurance, such insurance Is any the vehicle must be forced to buy, not to pay high insurance costs charged by the insurance company, but collected by the relevant authorities, thIs charge later, when the accident occurred later you can vehicle property damage, casualties and so a paid, of course, the payment amount Is capped.

2, caustic danger

If you are a novice driver or the driver of the vehicle more expensive when it I highly recommend you buy caustic danger because of novice drivers Is very easy to scratch the Car, after all, Is technically still in the driver needs to be improved by thIs Insurance can reduce a lot of unnecessary losses, the same if the value of your Car relatively high, bought the insured after the event of an accident can save a repair cost.

3, the insurance third party liability business

for such insurance Is the emergence of major traffic accidents three, third party compensation Is mainly paid to the insurance company, without having to bear too much personal cost, the utility of thIs general insurance Is still relatively high, and the amount of compensation for victims Is very high, the highest you can get 1 million compensation for injury to life, for the average family, the money Is definitely able to help a lot.

4, excluding special insurance deductible

The insurance practicality Is relatively high, generally buyers and dIscuss the terms of the agreement the company better compensation Once, when a traffic accident occurs, the parties may be compensable under the terms agreed on, so for Car owners such insurance Is still very useful.

5, some special insurance

In addition to the above mentioned insurance, many insurance Is worth noting, such as spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, scratches insurance, theft insurance, these insurance for some owners, it Is quite useful, but not everyone Is so used one by one, based on individual needs to set the amount of the actual situation, to choose their own insurance to make a purchase, but overall, personal advice Is only enough to buy four kinds of the above.