Do not blind buy car insurance!

With the rIse in Car ownership, and now the situation Is roughly society everyone has a private Car. So, buy a Car and was followed by consumer Auto insurance.

insurance roughly divided into two parts: one Is a must buy items (i.e., traffic compulsory insurance), the other part Is the commercial insurance. Means that every year we buy Auto insurance, including compulsory purchase of the country to pay high insurance, travel tax, commercial insurance. Today, Xiao Bian mainly introduce commercial insurance. Commercial insurance include: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance business, the whole Car pilfer, board officers liability insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, body scratches insurance, glass breakage alone, non-deductible insurance, could not be found special third-party insurance.

next to you separately explain: 1. compulsory traffic insurance, third party liability insurance Is mandatory, when an accident occurs, the insurance company other insurance; 2. commercial third party liability insurance, the insurance Is the insurance company paid the other side, the proposed one million stalls; 3. loss of vehicle insurance, when a vehicle accident caused by one’s own vehicle damage, the insurance company Will be paid maintenance expenses; 3. the entire vehicle pilfer, by definition when the vehicle Is stolen loss may be paid; 4 vehicle liability insurance, accident insurance accidental injuries appear to protect the Car occupants in the vehicle, it can also be understood as an accident insurance; 5. spontaneous combustion rIsk, thIs refers to the vehicle itself causes of spontaneous combustion resulting in damage insurance, should be noted that when the vehicle warranty period Is not required to buy such insurance, and if the vehicle Is involved in unauthorized alterations caused by spontaneous combustion Is not the payment; 6. wading insurance, Is caused when wading support vehicles in the Car, the engine inlet causing loss of vehicle owners’ equity when, noting that the Car stalled wading driving, do not start again Vehicle, otherwIse it Will cause the insurance company exclusions. Note that the maintenance costs of the engine inlet Is required to bear the owner’s insurance company paid only oil and antifreeze (it can be said there Is bug);. 7 body scratches insurance, when the vehicle hairline scratches, payment insurance vehicle owners maintenance costs, higher prices for the purchase of a vehicle, after all, a good Car paint repair expensive ah; 8 glass breakage alone, thIs place Xiaobian say a few words, if the vehicle Is involved in glass was smashed, body the situation Is not damaged, caustic danger Is not paid, thIs time on the need toThe use of glass breakage alone, may be considered as appropriate to their own situation; 9 non-deductible insurance, insurance Is especially important, each has a corresponding insurance insurance franchIse, thIs means that no later case insurance , the owner needs to take some party payment fee; 10 could not find a third party, refer to the damage to the vehicle, the owner left the scene or no on-site, can not find the responsible party, thIs time need thIs insurance, it Is worth mentioning that, vehicle damage repair costs up to the insurance companies bear 70%.

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