Do not be silly insurance company cheated the most practical insurance on these four, but now I know regret

Do not be silly insurance company cheated the most practical insurance on these four, regret now I know

everyone in the Car, the general situation next, Will put together the insurance bought in the 4S shop, eliminating the need for insurance companies to run away. Car insurance does give us every owner of a guarantee, in particular, the usual bumps are inevitable, there Is the face of large-scale accidents, the insurance can save a lot of economic losses each owner. However, when buying insurance Do not be silly insurance company cheated, not the type of the better and most practical insurance on these four, it must not be fooled. Here’s a look at what the insurance should be purchased.

The first compulsory insurance

ThIs country Is forced to pay the insurance, otherwIse the vehicle Is not licensed, the Car Is not legitimate . General price 950 yuan, when a traffic accident occurs, as long as the payment of compulsory insurance, you can save a lot of economic losses.

The second third party liability insurance

ThIs Is similar to insurance and compulsory insurance, it Is used the loss of compensation to third parties. Also, the amount of compensation Is much higher than the compulsory insurance, usually 500000-1000000. When the two sides at the same time pay thIs accident insurance, then you can direct compensation in accordance with their own insurance.

A third rIsk wading engine

ThIs Is a separate insurance, water Is mainly used in vehicle flood damages caused. In some wet areas, such insurance Is best to pay, because the losses caused by flooding, such insurance Is fully compensable. On the contrary, you can not apply for any compensation.

Fourth, excluding special insurance deductible

ThIs must be used with the appropriate insurance primary insurance to use, but also that Is, in the main insurance, the deductible Will have some items, some deductible 10%, or 30%, if the loss reached 10 million, then it means that there 10000-30000 Is not recoverable of. However, if you buy thIs insuranceThose provIsions Will be ignored deductible, how much to pay how much to lose. Also, thIs insurance also more than 100 yuan, very cost-effective.

These are the must buy insurance, other insurance are in the burn, do not be fooled.