Do not be fooled insurance company, these three most tasteless auto insurance, car might have to scrap with less than

Do not be fooled insurance company, these three most tasteless Auto insurance, Car might have to scrap with less than

A lot of people Will come back to buy the Car attentive Care, many Car owners in order to avoid the loss of future events also gave the Car a lot on insurance, the insurance Is very popular now, but in which there are three Auto insurance the most tasteless, the future Is likely to have no access to Cars, that which three of insurance Is it?

The first Is the pilfer. The name sounds very convincing people, society Is such a mess, who can guarantee not stolen, robbed it not? Although expensive, or buy peace of mind, but only the whole Car Is gone, the insurance company was losing money. If only parts, such as lights, tires lost or valuables in the Car did not, ignore the insurance company Is to buy thIs insurance shall also useless. And internal security generally good, the probability of stealing the whole vehicles should still pretty small bar.

The second Is the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. ThIs Is to provide for the payment of an insured Car ignition. First, regardless of the probability of occurrence of spontaneous combustion Car, if the Car does occur during Auto warranty can be directly to manufacturers to compensation, it can be the responsibility of the manufacturer. If it Is in fact the insurance on thIs repetitive, meaningless, because the insurance company Will not repeat the compensation. And no matter what Car you want to get due compensation, require attestation of spontaneous combustion Car Is proof, otherwIse the insurance company does not give payment.

The third Is scratches insurance, in fact, the rIsk Is no need to buy, because it Is a commercial rIsk in the coming year of commercial insurance overall premiums have an impact, if we get out of danger too many times, then the premium Will go up next year, in fact, in everyday life, normal Car when scratching occurs, such as Cars on the road across the roadside flower beds tree branches squid, took the Car keys to open the door when the Car keys across the body, stormy weather, sand, debrIs rain beating on the vehicle body and so Is likely to leave scratches, which can not be avoided. And go to a 4s shop Is expensive to queue, even though insurance reimbursement but still people feel part of Routeng! In fact, we can solve it yourself, or your own repair cheapest.

In fact, the face of scratches, we can use up painting to smear on their own, using the same method of correction fluid, only need to gently shake applied in the scratches, and wait for it to dry it. Note the time of purchase of the same body color selection and can spare a few multi-tube, and the price Is cheap, with good results, can restore 90% of the original paint, which Is very important, thIs price Is saying Is absolutely into effect proportional; if timely repair scratches, probably due to the long time exposed scratch paint and air Will react, began to rust, thIs time Will only make more obvious scratches, and repaired only think of at thIs time more difficult.