Do not be afraid soaked car, old driver means too bright, the insurance company Is responsible in the end

Recently, precipitation across the country was relatively large, especially in some southern areas, often under heavy rain, the road Is very easy to water, and the situation Is particularly serious when there are some Car owners are being rain to soak the face of such a situation need not be afraid, means old drivers too bright, the insurance company must be responsible in the end.

From a long-term perspective, the role of insurance companies Is still very, very practical a variety of Car insurance, especially now thIs case, we must Taking into account wading insurance. Usually when we buy a Car, in addition to the necessary insurance to pay high insurance, etc., but also taking into account other types of insurance, wading insurance Is one of them, thIs Is play.

so-called wading rIsks, because by the force majeure factors such as natural dIsasters, such as the most recent period of heavy rainfall, rain bubble Car , resulting in damage to Car quality, to the owners caused some irreparable loss, that the insurance company must be responsible.

However, one thing we must pay special attention when their Car was soaked in rain, must not start the Car again, because water after that, the Car among the various circuit systems are prone to failure, can easily lead to the 2nd hurt when the Car starts, if thIs happens, the insurance company can reject the claims.

It also reminds us that when we buy a Car, do not at immediate save money, it ignores those cases that may be encountered, Car insurance Is necessary, in addition to wading insurance, Car insurance spontaneous combustion, also now a lot of Car owners when buying a Car, the necessary options. Members riders on Auto insurance Is how to treat it? Welcome to leave comments.