Do not be a money pit! Future car insurance you know? Line on new charges of reform!

to the present, vehicle development model gradually changed, and Automobile manufacturers gradually change the business model, if only on the phone APP copied to the Car body, Will ignore the ID and the cloud and the associated ecological capacity nor new business models. Car of the future, that the Auto companies to sell traditional Auto finance, traditional finance these parts changed the traditional model based on user accounts, software-based data to operational mode. Currently, the Car Is transformed into intelligence platform from the vehicle, Car prices are also various transition from manufacturer to travel service providers.

UBI mode Auto insurance (Usage Based Insurance) Is based on the use of vehicle owners driving behavior as well as related data combined with personalized insurance products. For the recording of the behavior of the driver and the rIsks associated with claims, the insurance company to install a small on-board remote communication device (Telematics) in the Car. These products in many parts of the world, particularly in North America and Europe, has been a household name in the United States, the largest Auto insurance provider Progressive on the launch of thIs product UBI Auto insurance, Auto insurance plan opted UBI users Will receive a Snapshot hardware – That Is a OBD box.

through the vehicle data Car networking technology, insurance companies, real-time monitoring mileage, fuel consumption, combined with the owners of illegal number of times driving behavior data, through big data processing techniques, to assess the level of rIsk owners driving behavior, provided by the owners of the level of rIsk index for each customized policy, the premium depends on the owner of the actual mileage, driving time, driving location, comprehensive consideration of specific indicators of driving behavior .

Baidu Network of Automotive ecosystem, including handset CarLife Car to project, MyCar vehicle private cloud, CoDriver intelligent voice co-pilot, CarGuard Car guards including the four major OEM solutions. Alibaba set up Ali’s Automotive Business Unit, through consumer online shopping data to construct the consumption characterIstics, extended to the purchase of a new Car, custom, 16 scene needs to use, maintenance, second-hand Cars, Car finance and other functions, the Car made things O2OConsumer entrance. Tencent Tencent Car key layout with API, with Car ROM, and a Car with APP “My Car MyCar” service four products, to create a new Car with an open platform –Tencent Automotive Services.