Detailed tell you how to buy car insurance, the insurance companies do not be fooled

buying Car insurance Is something we have to face after the purchase of vehicles, Car insurance then what projects, what Is the specific meaning of each item Is, how to buy? Today to tell you.

“Traffic Insurance” Is “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance” for short, Is each vehicle must be purchased to pay high insurance compensation in traffic accidents amount as follows: when the responsibility of the insured vehicle in a traffic accident, death and dIsability compensation limit: $ 110,000; compensation for medical expenses limit: $ 10,000; property loss: $ 2,000. When the insured vehicle no liability in road traffic accidents, death and dIsability compensation limit: $ 11,000; compensation for medical expenses limit: $ 1,000; property loss: 100 yuan. Due to the small amount of such compensation to pay high insurance does not meet our actual needs, it Is generally also need to buy some commercial insurance, then the insurance business which projects how to buy it?

Commercial Insurance:

1, loss of vehicle insurance: cover the losses of their own vehicle . For example, the following accidents may require payment, causing the vehicle hit the wall studs parking their vehicles damaged; vehicle parking lot Is rubbing touch, you can not find the perpetrators, their own vehicles damaged. The maximum payment amount of caustic danger Is generally based on their vehicle to make a purchase at a local used Car residual values, Car damage insurance advice Is to purchase the item.

2, third party liability insurance: payment needs of others personal injury and property damage of themselves. For example, the following accidents may require payment, a parked vehicle collIsion when the vehicle Is reversing cause part of the other vehicle doors depression; vehicle accidentally hit a pedestrian causing other injuries. The maximum payment amount of third party liability insurance can be performed according to their needs, for example, 500,000, 1 million, 2 million, the maximum payment amount now proposed purchase of at least 1 million, can afford to buy more than 2 million. Third party liability insurance Is also recommended that the project must be purchased.

3, the entire vehicle pilfer: responsible forPaid the entire vehicle Is stolen, robbed, robbed loss of the vehicle. For example, the following accidents may require payment, the owner of a business trip, parked the Car in the parking uncovered theft; Car owners driving at night, the Car was robbed by criminals and drove off. The whole Car pilfer the maximum payment amount Is generally based on their vehicles to make a purchase at a local used Car residual value. Now vehicles generally have an engine electronic anti-theft, Auto theft criminals Is extremely difficult, and domestic security Is very good, robbed of rIsk Is very low, so pilfer generally can not buy, but if it Is a luxury Car or local law and order situation Is extremely you can not make a purchase.

4, driver / passenger seat liability insurance: responsible for payment of my / the vehicle passenger (non-driver) cost of personal injury Car driver. For example, the following accidents may require payment, the owner of a high-speed collIsion of the process of moving the other vehicles, a severe brain injury; the owners to take hIs family out to play, Careless accident, the family scratched. These two types of insurance Is recommended to buy, buy payout amount may be purchased according to their ability, the proposed minimum purchase of vehicles insured amount for each seat 20,000.

5, excluding special insurance deductible: after the occurrence of the insured event, the owner no longer bear the loss, the insurance company the whole package. For example, the following accidents may require payment, the owner crashed into the pillars, the loss of a total of 2,000 yuan, according to the terms of liability, the insurance company’s actual compensation for 1700 yuan, the owner should bear the cost of the loss of $ 300. If the non-deductible purchase special insurance, you can get full compensation. Non-deductible insurance must also recommend to buy, to avoid controversy and claims of trouble, there Is a guarantee for the full amount of their vehicles.

6, glass breakage alone: ​​ separate payment windshield and window glass broken loss. If the vehicle Is no other place except glass damage, the insurance company Will not be paid in accordance with caustic danger. If the vehicle often take the highway or vehicle parking area Is not good law and order situation of the vehicle can make a purchase, otherwIse you can not buy.

7, spontaneous loss of insurance: responsible for payment due to line their own aging cause of the fire caused by the loss of the vehicle itself. If the vehicle Is itself the cause of the fire, but did not buy the spontaneous loss of insurance, insurance companiesAlso it Will not be paid in accordance with caustic danger. General Car ignition rIsk Is very small, you can not purchase spontaneous loss of insurance, more than 6 years of age of the vehicle Is recommended to buy a vehicle. Spontaneous loss of insurance, the maximum payment amount Is generally based on their vehicles to make a purchase at a local used Car residual value.

8, body scratches loss insurance: responsible for payment no obvious traces of collIsion of the body surface paint scratches alone or malicious acts of others caused by the human body scratches. Similarly, if the vehicle Is closely paint damage, it can not be Carried through the Car damage claims. Car body scratches insurance Is only recommended within 3 years to make a purchase, if it Is appropriate to extend the life of luxury Cars can be purchased, the maximum payment amount may be based on the cost of buying their own vehicle up painting.

9, wading insurance: payment of the vehicle because it was flooded or wading due to engine damage caused by the repair costs. For example, the following cases may require payment, the owner of the location of the occurrence of flooding, Careless driving causing engine damage to the water surface. Wading insurance Is important to note that if the vehicle Is a long soak in the water or in the water Will be the second launch vehicle, as long as the engine Is no water, replacement parts, repair circuits, etc., are within the coverage of the caustic danger. But if wading or vehicle second start in the water, causing water damage to the engine, not the responsibility of caustic danger, the vehicle must be able to wade insurance compensation payments. Often go off-road, rain and waterlogging area owners recommendation to buy, do not buy the remaining cases.

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