Detailed explanation car insurance, do not buy insurance and lose the dangerous condition.

With Car ownership increased year by year, Auto insurance business has ushered in the explosive growth, everyone involved in the purchase of vehicles to Car insurance, but I believe truly understand the insurance coverage Is something few people it was small and today I Will take the following six family Cars as we explain in detail the Auto insurance knowledge, so that we in-depth look at what insurance vehicle insurance, how insurance, how claims and so on.

start to look constitute insurance, including Auto insurance generally pay high insurance, travel tax and business insurance. Here we talk about involving the main interests of consumers to pay high insurance and commercial insurance.

a. Traffic Insurance

to pay high insurance vehicle compulsory insurance, state requirements must be insured insurance, six of the following non-commercial traffic compulsory insurance first year premium of 950 yuan, Is not dangerous condition price reduced year by year, note that, due to pay high insurance compared with commercial advantageous cheap, they are able to go to pay high insurance when can escape from danger Is not to go commercial insurance, the following main talk about compensation limit.

1, to pay high insurance responsibility compensation limit

① death and dIsability compensation limit of 110,000 yuan

② medical expenses compensation limit of 10,000 yuan

③ property loss 2000 yuan

2, to pay high insurance no responsibility compensation limit

① death and dIsability compensation limit of 11,000 yuan

② limit compensation for medical expenses 1000 yuan

③ property damage compensation limit 100 yuan

bIs commercial insurance

general insurance business comprIsing: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, excluding special insurance deductible, board officers liability insurance, pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so on.

1. Loss of vehicle insurance

loss of vehicle insurance Is simply a vehicle to protect their own insurance. The vehicle damage insurance usually attach a vehicle loss, excluding special insurance deductible. Usually the proportion of loss of vehicle insurance payment Is 80%, the proportion of non-payment site Is 50%, and the additional non-deductible special insurance payment ratio of 100%. So of you when the insured vehicle damage insurance do not forget excluding special insurance deductible. Caustic danger Is calculated: basic premium rate * + new Car purchase price.

2. Third party liability insurance

refers to the third party liability insurance permitted insurer qualified driver occurred in the use of the insured vehicle during an accident, resulting in a third party to suffer direct damage to property or personal injury, the insurance company paid the amount of compensation to be paid by the insured in accordance with law. Third party liability insurance to protect the amount of general points 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million, in addition to third party liability insurance also has additional special insurance Is not deductible, the same three non-deductible insurance protection can be undertaken outside the insured three payouts.

3 Excluding special insurance deductible

non-deductible special insurance can not exIst alone, it Is the vehicle damage and three additional rIsks, to assume the proportion of the amount of foreign insurance company requires payment of the insured, non-deductible in front of a lot of talk, not much to do here to explain.

4. The board officers liability insurance

vehicle liability insurance by definition Is to protect the personnel on board insurance, the insured amount Is divided into 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 fourth gear, the insured can choose to individually protect the driver can also choose to preserve the Car. Insurance companies paid when the damage occurs.

4. Pilfer

When the vehicle theft occurs, the insurance company for payment, also additional non-deductible 100 %, no additional 80%.

common to so many types of Car insurance, insurance infrequently used here not explain in detail, the general Car damage,Three, non-deductible and board officers liability insurance Is the insurance we used in the purchase of a vehicle, another vehicle loans usually finance companies Will be asked to add a pilfer! In-depth look at Car insurance, do not get out of danger at the time of purchase and re dIsadvantage.