Detailed car fuse box EnglIsh translation, the total effective time ……

Wiper: WIPER

sunroof: SUN ROOF Fuel Pump: FUEL PUMP fan: RAD fAN front fog: FF-fOG LAMP after fog: RR-fOG LAMP shift control: N & P Air conditioning: AIR CON speaker: hORN a right front headlight: H / L LAMP RH left headlight: H / L LAMP LH memory seat: mEMORY engine control: eNGINE CONT generator: ALT S ABS: ABS power window: pOWER battery: bATTERY ignition switch: IGN SW electronic control module: ECM cooling fan: COOL’G fAN headlights: HEAD lAMP Reversing light: bACK UP lAMP blower: bLOWER MOTOR after defrosting: HEATFD GLASS taillight: TAYILLAMP IP fuse box: IP PUSE bOX power steering: EPS Injection system: FI power lighting: LAMP Radiator fan: RADIATOR fAN run relay BLOWER RELAY Main Relay: MAIN RELAY Cooling fan relay (H): COOL’G FAN RELAY (HIGH) Cooling fan relay (Small): COOL’G FAN RELAY (LOW) C relay: AIR CON RELAY near the optical relay: LO.LAMPS RELAY the high beam relay: HL.LAMPS rELAY the front fog lamp relay: fRONT fOG rELAY after fog lamp relay: TAIL fOG rELAY horn relay: HORN rELAY The airbag relay: aIRBAG rELAY compressor relay: COM PAESSOR rELAY pump relay: FUEL pUMP rELAY Radiator fan relay: RADIATOR FAN RELAY 1 MIR DEFG exterior mirror defogger

2-5– unused

6 T / SIG park / neutral position and the reversing light switch, turn signal scintillator

7 EBTCM / TPS and the electronic brake control module of gravity, a throttle position sensor interface module

8 ERAP WPR central element (RAP wiper) relay 9 RADIO audio receiver 10 wIPER windscreen wiper / washer switch 11 I / PINDC airbag diagnostic module (with sensor), the instrument cluster 12 ELCIGN1 Automatic Level control sensors 13 CHIME alarm, cruIse control release switch, the mirror, the rear window defogger relay, a catalytic converter, a temperature alarm (only for Japan) 14 CCMIGN1 central control module 15 AIR BAG airbag module (with a sensor)

16 GEN engine electric generator, the secondary generator cooling fan relay

17 MEM SEAT driver seat adjuster memory module, the control module Is heated driver’s seat, passenger seat heating control module 18 CCM IGN3 central control module (remote Keyless security module and the receiver 19 RAP PWR auxiliary trip relay delay 20 A / C COMP A / C compressor relays, relay main engine cooling fan 21 RAP BATT central element (RAP wiper) relay 22 HVAC MDL blower motor control module 23 TRK REL after the chamber cover release switch 24 STARTER theft relay airbag diagnosIs (with a sensor) module 25 HVAC IGN combination instrument, the blower motor control module 26 ELC SENS Automatic level control sensor, the chamber courtesy lights 27 D / INT LTS element central relay before the 28 FRT CIG cigarette lighter 29 after RR CIG cigarette lighter 30 EBTCM electronic braking and traction control module 31 PARK LTS headlight relay harness 32 hORN horn relay 33 HVAC BAT alarm, the heater -A / C control, combination meter, an engine oil level indicator control module, a headlight switch, the acoustic receivers 34 CCM BAT in the control module 35 PWR MIR door lock switch, exterior mirrors, power seat control rearward 36 TRK PDWN Guerra the rear chamber means 37 hAZARD LTS hazard light scintillator 38 unused 39 PWR LUMB pneumatic power seat control module, audio power antenna relays 40 HTD SEAT driver seat control module Is heated, heating the passenger seat control module 41 CORNR LTS combination instrument, sound control, cornering lamp, turn signal switch, the front parking lights 42 I / P DIM LTS headlight switch, the room lamp, the light becomes Is 43 TAIL LTS tail lamp, a rear side marker lamp , license plate lamp 44 STOP LTS brake light switch 45 PWRLK lock relay