Consumption – how to buy car insurance cost-effective to buy car insurance in general what

say afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, thIs sentence on Car insurance Is quite apt, but also a wide variety of types of Car insurance, especially when buying Car insurance, some of the sales staff for their performance Will introduce a variety of Auto insurance desperately to consumers, then, if you do not know how to buy Car insurance cost-effective, then there may not need to buy to buy the Auto insurance.

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective

Of course, if a wealthy family or think of more and more Auto insurance buy insurance, then you do not need to know how Car insurance buy a bargain. In fact, on how to buy Car insurance cost problem, in general, do not spend unnecessary money Is probably the most cost-effective, but often many owners think that the insurance salesman Is to buy, so thIs Is certainly not cost-effective a.

how to buy Car insurance cost-effective

much, exactly how to buy Car insurance cost-effective it? In general, common Car insurance have to pay high insurance, Car damage, three insurance, scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, wading insurance, glass breakage alone, etc., thIs Is more to be filed Auto insurance, but if you I do not know how to buy Car insurance cost-effective, might think that these are buy, not really.

with the three to pay high insurance rIsks are generally looking for, of course, the former Is a national mandatory to buy, while the latter Is recommended that you buy, because the two are dangerous when an accident occurs, compensation to the other party but because of the limited amount of pay high insurance claims, so it Is necessary to supplement the three insurance, it can be simply understood as a package.

In addition to these two addition, with caustic danger that the non-deductible insurance. Car damage insurance Is paid to be self-insured, are not deductible insurance to the owners of thIs commitment to transfer some compensation insurance company there, simply means that they have to reduce the pressure compensation. So more than four insurance usually buy.

and spontaneous combustion rIsk outside, wading insurance, scratches insurance, etc. Is not need to buy, the effect Is not great, but generally the salesman at the time of introduction, Will recommend that the owners Shunpian Mai, so if you do not know how to buy Car insurance cost-effective, you may not need to buy to buy Auto insurance, which would spend a lot of money wasted.