Consumption – car insurance a year how much money these costs are counted in the auto insurance inside

With the economic level, many people Will buy or consider buying a Car, but for the novice, information on the maintenance of the Car may not be very familiar with, like Car insurance does not know how much money a year , what insurance Is these Issues need to buy like, so today to talk about how much money one year Car insurance for everyone, of course, thIs Is only to provide some references for the clueless owners of specific circumstances or have specific analysIs . How much

Car insurance a year

A lot of people think that money and buy their favorite Car, then everything Daquan, but in fact after thIs a series of coherent things a lot, so that Is certainly someone Will ask how much money a year of Car insurance. It Is understood that vehicle insurance Is required according to the proportion of insurance and insurance before they can determine the owner, but thIs does not mean impossible to know how much money a year Car insurance. How much

Car insurance a year

general Auto insurance to pay about four or five thousand a year, the first Is to pay high insurance at around $ 950 and the second Is Car damage insurance, almost 1,000 yuan, the third Is liability insurance, third party liability insurance can protect 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 100,000 here in the middle of pick to count, you need $ 600. The fourth Is to pilfer, it might also over 300.

The fifth Car was insured persons, and in accordance with 5 per seat 10,000 yuan to count, which Is about more than 100 non-deductible items add up to more than 400 yuan, in addition to these as well as spontaneous combustion rIsk Is about 50 yuan, a separate glass bankruptcy counted 100 yuan, 300 yuan scratches insurance, the three non-deductible 50 yuan, so the Car insurance how much money a year, rough estimate Is down in four or five thousand about.

However, thIs one involves some other factors, so it Is not quite accurate, for those who can only say that the hearts of the year how much money Auto insurance in doubt provide a slightly clearer overview, so if really want Is the Car insurance, or to the relevant agencies with relevant staff to consult in detail, so that you can choose your own Auto insurance according to their own situation.