Common What are the main types of car insurance? Older drivers: do not buy these types of insurance you Will regret it!

talk about Car insurance, I believe that many owners have been too familiar friends, buy an insurance policy for their Car, sometimes Is an investment in the Car, but also for hIs Car one pair an important part of security, can protect our lives, when necessary, as our strong backing. How many people have little understanding of the types of insurance vehicles, today small and everyone in detail say about the most common types of insurance which, what are the characterIstics of, and combined with the experience of older drivers, to tell you which insurance Is the most important.

to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance Is the first Auto insurance for all owners at the time of buying a Car in the face of thIs the importance of Auto insurance, I think, not to say that everyone was very clear, if your Car Is not

capable of the required insurance to pay compulsory insurance, then by the traffic control department in accordance with the provIsions of Article 95 “road traffic safety law”: the detention of the vehicle, the vehicle owner or manager ordered the insured to pay high insurance, fines to pay high insurance premiums on the basIs of the motor vehicle owner or manager of the 2-fold after reimbursement of vehicles. Because pay high insurance Is U.S.’s first imposed by the national law compulsory insurance system, its full name Is called “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, the insurance price Is a unified national.

Car damage

Cars and other personal items still have some differences , and the Car Is usually always and everywhere Will be used, but also in the process of using more or less always encounter some bump, which Is caustic danger emerged, major Car damage compensation in thIs context Is to be the loss of insured vehicles produced, it can be said that insurance for the coverage of Automobile loss Is relatively wide, loss of vehicle under almost any circumstances Will get claims the insurance company, but it should be noted that, like some natural dIsasters, such as earthquakes for the Car loss of caustic danger Is not within the scope of the claims.

third party business liability insurance

third party liability insurance business Is what we usually refer to the three insurance, in fact, thIs insurance Is and caustic danger have in common, Is one of the basic safety Car, but caustic danger objects it Is the loss of insured vehicles, while commercial third party liability insurance Is the face of use or take Car of people suffered injuries compensation. Before thIs insurance Is mandatory to buy, but also to better take into account the security Issues, with the development of the times, and now thIs Is not the insurance must be purchased, and the owner can according to their actual purchase three insurance as a guarantee to pay high insurance supplement . Typically for home five Cars, a year to pay high insurance premiums basIs Is $ 950 coverage limit of up to 122,000 yuan, and third party liability insurance Is divided into five million, 10 million, 20 million, 50 million, $ 1 million and over $ 1 million Is not more than 10 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) six grades, the premium required Is also a great difference from low to high, so that Is good to pay high insurance supplement, but also for hIs love of old drivers one kind of Car insurance that must be purchased, older drivers often choose Is 100 million credit guarantee of quality.

seats rIsk

seat Car insurance Is liability insurance, the insurance compensation target both the driver also include other persons on board, but compared to the third party liability insurance, seat insurance insured amount Is much lower, typically between about 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, under normal circumstances, 90% of the total amount of compensation , owners need to pay attention to Is the seat of the insured rIsk Is, there are two ways, one Is by the owners choose seats were insured, and the other Is insured in accordance with the approved number of seats. The first way insurance rates are usually 0.9% compensation limit, which Is 0.5% compensation limit, the owner and friends can choose according to their actual situation and budget.


the entire vehicle motor vehicle Is stolen keyword daoqiangxian was robbery, damages in the process of being robbed of the Car produced. The scope of compensation include the Automotive parts, loss of ancillary equipment needed to repair costs incurred for compensation, compensation in the amount of about 80% of the total amount of each accident should compensate for the lossesAccording to the actual experience of older drivers point of view, because now social stability and development, thIs happens almost non-exIstent, so the owners of a friend who can buy a case of other types of insurance for which insurance Will not buy.

spontaneous loss of insurance

Is actually a spontaneous loss of insurance supplementary insurance caustic danger, many accordance literally the owners Will understand thIs major insurance protection cases. Yes, thIs Is mainly targeted at Car insurance because of a problem with the circuit, line, oil, etc., caused by friction fire indemnity losses resulting fire, as to the amount of insurance, there Is a keyword that consultation Is insured and the insurer Carried out the actual losses vehicles dIscuss old driver and a reminder of the place Is that the insurance compensation for each case are implemented 20% absolute franchIse, the owners need to attract attention, and insurance companies in order to avoid mIsunderstanding.

deductible, excluding special insured

ThIs insurance Is we are talking about today, insurance Is the most special one insurance, because other types of insurance must either buy or make a purchase based on their actual situation, but without insurance deductible special insurance Is required in order to insure the “main rIsk” insurance it Is a prerequIsite, Is an additional rIsk and can not be insured separately . In layman’s terms, the amount of the insurance deductible Is actually would have accrued to policyholders bear part passed on to the insurance company.

Conclusion: I believe that through the introduction of the above types of insurance, the insurance for all types of Cars have a better understanding, but also how to buy Car insurance the importance of an insurance company as to where to go to buy Car insurance, here small way suggest that you shop around and take local advice plus older drivers to purchase Auto insurance, the insurance company with local circumstances, to be able to buy better to their own liking wIshful Car insurance!