U.S. released the most expensive automobile insurance policy! Bugatti premiums 755,000 yuan a year

for the fans, probably the biggest desire Is to have a Bujiadiwei of ultra-running, and only in the country up to 30 million price was doomed to a very few wealthy enough to be able ownership. And if someone Is really send a Bujiadiwei to you, do you support it as a recent California Bujiadiwei give Car owners to buy a new one-year premium, and the final one-year insurance policy Is price:? 755,787.08 yuan, nearly 760,000 yuan !!

from thIs policy shows that the insured from May at 4:29 on May 2 Ri 2020 ended 30 June 2019. Insured vehicles Bujiadiwei 16.4 (Note: 16.4 on behalf of 16 cylinders and four vortex supercharger.), Vehicle use nature as a family Car for personal use.

can be seen, the premium Bujiadiwei Air Is the most expensive vehicle damage insurance, the insured amount: 26.624 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), a year’s premiums Will more than 520,000. The glass insurance more than 130,000 a year, thIs Is a Class A price. Then that Is not deductible, and 78,000 yuan a year, plus other items, the total premium 707,959.53 yuan, the total tax 42,477.55 yuan.

In addition to pay compulsory insurance 950 yuan a year, the travel tax in because of dIsplacement, but also to 4400 yuan, the travel tax Is enough to an ordinary family Car insurance a year.

After reading thIs 750,000 yuan luxury Car insurance policy, feeling really want such a top ultra-running Is not really bought Is over, all kinds of Insurance and maintenance each year are to be millions to support it.