Cars are blIsters, do not move? Insurance company: I hate thIs kind of “wIse men”

Car market and now has a relatively complete system and a brand presence, from the beginning even their own people were dIsgusted with the situation, to the extent now so that people feel proud, independent brand development does make people sCared , and now almost every family can afford to buy a Car. After

but to buy a Car, there are many things to worry about, such as the cost of keeping a Car, the cost of insurance, there are many Car insurance companies, and the insurance Is every Car owners necessary, to pay high insurance Is the most basic one Is the national mandatory post, of course, except for some commercial insurance other than to pay high insurance, you can come up according to their needs.

In some cities, the terrain itself Is probably low, so if the city water such as heavy rain, the water level Will find all the Car quickly filled up drowned, been flooded Car, to a great extent on the state of the aging, because of the extent of Automotive electronics Is very high.

many of the core components which Will have electrical appliances, after being flooded, we can imagine would be a very big damage, and thIs takes a lot of Car maintenance costs are also up, after the service Is over and can not be restored to its original state, so the loss Is enormous.

Many owners may not be experienced old owners, so to see hIs Car was flooded, or your own Car a little flooded a very anxious, want to drive moved a little higher-lying areas, but more experienced owners do not like thIs, Cars are blIsters, do not move? Insurance company: I hate thIs kind of “wIse men.” Why do insurance companies have thIs kind of psychological

Because Auto insurance there are a provIsion, if the engine Is running in the case of wading Is not included, so the owner if the Car Is in the water Yandao, put the Car to another place and losses, the insurance company Is not compensation. Case

Therefore, in such cases must not move Cars and parts have been given water flooded, the Car Is likely to start in a lot of once the internal short circuit member, the engineMay direct scrapped, coupled with the insurance company Is not compensation, that all losses are borne by the owners themselves, thIs would be a very serious consequences.

Many people may not particularly easy to buy a Car, Auto loans, the pressure Is still relatively large, and all of a sudden have to go through such a thing, was a bit accepted No, but to say we all know, the best prevention Is early, but if really unfortunate encounter such a situation, do not move your own Car, or else eat the loss Is big.