Car windshield broken, insurance policies but rejected? Blame the owners say a word

Now many owners when buying a Car are relatively smooth, but to buy insurance when it Is easy to tangle, first of all insurance programs very much do not know what to buy several better. Furthermore, it Is the relatively high insurance costs, are fixed expenses each year. If you buy the wrong insurance, you may want to go bankrupt after the accident, but buying Car insurance, how after a traffic accident claims Is a problem.

vehicle owners generally have to buy Is to pay high insurance when buying insurance, the other Will buy a third party liability insurance, although pay premiums comparIson high, but the amount of compensation Is relatively large. Another caustic danger, when the Car Is damaged, the insurance company can give some compensation. But while buying a Car damage insurance, there are some cases insurance companies refused to pay compensation.

Some time ago there Is one owner encountered such a situation, I do not know what causes the Car’s windshield broken, and the results reported to the insurance of the time, to the staff but was rejected. Later, after understanding to know, I blame the owners say a word. As we all know, Car glass damage, it must be purchased glass insurance before they can receive compensation.

If the owner just bought the Car damage, the damage caused by the collIsion of the glass Is compensable. However, if only the glass damaged, and do not have glass insurance, insurance companies Will not give compensation. Therefore, if the insurance policies when the insurance company staff to ask the owner, Is not only the glass Is broken, thIs time to the owners once said “Yes” Is the word, it Is destined to get the compensation.

At thIs time, a lot of netizens, says that when the Car was found only when the glass Is damaged, the owner can take a look at the Car there Is no other damage. If you can tell the staff together with the insurance company, then you can get checked after the compensation. I need to remind you to want to know more about Car insurance, to avoid claims of time face a significant loss. Car windshield broken, insurance policies but rejected? Blame the owners say a word