Car traffic accident, call the insurance company, do not say “It’s 4”!

Car in a traffic accident, call the insurance company, do not say that four!

speaking now do cause us travel to provide a great convenience role, whether urban or rural population basically equipped with a capacity of private Cars, a lot of there Is also more than a family Car it, we choose to buy a Car when did you notice what Car insurance to buy it? As more and more number of Cars, traffic accident occurs on the road Is still there, the owners at the same time buy to buy a Car, be sure to give him the insurance, then pay high insurance Is a necessity to be purchased, apart from than older drivers generally only choose non-deductible special insurance, third party liability insurance, as long as usual be Careful when driving, obey the traffic rules, with three security Is largely OK, of course, some of the driver and novice drivers Will choose all rIsks, no matter how much you buy, the event of a traffic accident, then, I’ll teach you a trick, do not say that out of these four words, because words have to say, you might greatly reduce compensation .

can not be said that the first vehicle in the parking lot, although the driving test when there back into the garage thIs project, but accidentally in real life there Will be some cases virtually scratch, if they appear after scratching when the insurance company to call, you must not say that they in the parking lot, because after that insurance may refuse to hear these words of our claims, must be in the parking lot inside an accident, then, Is not the insurance company refused to claim.

The first two days not to mention their own sparking the second time in wading in, because sometimes there Will be a lot to heavy rains after the summer, plus weather drainage system in the city Is not in place 10 points, often there Will be some small puddles on the road, some Car owners in order to save time, think about driving water from the road, if you’re an insurance company and talk to people when Be Careful not to say thIs sentence, then the insurance company Will immediately grab your handle refused to compensate.

The third point do not say that the Car Is not yours, because we buy Auto insurance when the insurance contract above Is only for Cars not the person, only the signed insurance contract ownersAccident claims was Carried out or scratched in the Car when the insurance company, if not the owner himself in a traffic accident while driving, it Is necessary to come up with proof of the presence before they can receive compensation, so at thIs point you have to understand the above .

The fourth point do not say that they forgot driver’s license, because thIs thing not only for the insurance company refused to claim, but also belong to traffic violations, after the police if it Is found Will be deducted from vehicles, in order to do so on the vehicle after the driver bring a driver’s license and driving permit, if after a traffic accident, the insurance company to ask if you’re Carrying a driver’s license, you do not answer you do not band, claims or else people just do not, you are extenuating, Who told you to go out without a driver’s license.