Car Tips: Car Insurance continued to pay the attention to what? Look how old driver said, you know?

Car insurance can be said to be an annual thing, then in accordance with the Issue, said the 120,000 naked Car dIsplacement 1.8 should buy what Car insurance, what specific need attention?

First of all for home, buying Car insurance, Car to pay high insurance must be purchased, five models Is 950 per year, thIs Is also a must post, if it Is not dangerous condition of the previous year, then next year 10% dIscount.

and commercial insurance, then recommended to choose non-deductible, third party liability insurance, Car damage, third-party can not find special insurance, these add up to the insurance the price of almost 4,000 yuan, where third party liability insurance, it Is recommended to buy at least 500,000 to buy one million of the best credit limit.

to purchase channels, the current mainstream insurance companies Will have a rebate, even in the first year of the new Car Will be somewhat dIscounted, we recommend a few more contrast house, behold one of the cheapest price.

In particular word of caution here, if you are not particularly well-developed four-tier cities, it Is best to choose more of claims the insurance brand outlets, although claims of a little slow, but guaranteed, if it Is, then in the big cities, then it does not matter which one to choose which cheap.