Car Insurance you know? Which Is not deductible insurance what does thIs mean? Insurance staff to tell the truth

but now every household income levels and living standards have been improving the Car every family, and as an ordinary means of transportation, we are very dependent on him. But thIs did not affect everyone no understanding of the Car, when the Car in the election, do not know what their own needs, for what kind of model, but would go to pick their first sight of that paragraph, although it could just be money Yen Compare excellent value. But thIs Is not important, because what we are saying Is that after buying a Car Car insurance. I believe that we are not unfamiliar, because no matter which Car you buy, Will buy such a Car insurance. At such times it, you Will encounter a Insurance what you can Amway salesman, and hIs 11 pass Amway Will be able to put down your head reeling, after the success of the halo around you, you just ask which he Is best? He told you, he recommended that paragraph, then you sleepwalk to buy. But where there Is something called the non-deductible insurance, which Is exactly what rIsk? Today, let Xiaobian to bring you look at it!

Like said earlier, many people buy a Car, buy insurance in the future Will be, after all, the Car also belong valuables, and do not Care if the traffic accident occurred , company Will help you to bear part of the loss, the insurance here are mainly two, the first Is the strong cross-insurance, the first two kinds belong to commercial insurance. So-called cross-strong insurance that the state must pay the insurance, and business insurance belong to the optional, can not pay to pay, and one of the non-deductible insurance belongs to the second commercial insurance.

She then what does it mean? Insurance officials said the payment of the insurance company, not your Car out of any problem, they have paid the debts Is to have certain regulations and requirements. And even if the payment Will be lost in different proportions depending on the circumstances, such as while driving, damage or Car accident, the problem Is there appears the Car, the insurance company simply a sum of 80%, 20% of them still have borne by the owner. But if the owners do not want to assume responsibility for themselves thIs 20%, 100% want to bear all the responsibility by the insurance company, then you need to buy the non-deductible insurance, as long as you purchased the insured Car encountered an unexpected situation below 100%All compensation paid by the insurance company.

For example, people driving down the road when accidentally hit a Car and then caused the loss of about 200,000, if you do not buy thIs does not count deductible insurance, you probably also need to pay forty thousand dollars, but if you buy thIs buy non-deductible insurance, then, 200,000 fully paid by the insurance company. ThIs way the actual cited an example, you know yet?

In fact, Xiao Bian personally feel that for most Car owners, some owners money, and coupled with good driving technique did not worry about the accident, plus also compensation case can afford it, they do not need to buy anything that Is not deductible insurance, but for some Car owners, so buy a non-deductible insurance, then it Is really more than compensate for example, when necessary in next, it can save a life.