Car insurance you buy the right thing? To buy insurance you use it correctly?

There are many Car insurance, in fact, enough to buy four!

1, to pay high insurance

ThIs Is our compulsory purchase of Auto insurance do not buy can not, thIs Is a hard requirement.

2, the third duty commercial liability insurance

in the event of a traffic accident may need to compensate for greater compensation levels.

3, non-deductible insurance

Most of the insurance Is lost, if you buy non-deductible insurance ,, then all compensation Is an insurance company to pay.

4, caustic danger

refers Car damage insured person or the driver, the occurrence of an insured event while driving the vehicle, so pay compensation by the insurance company!

to buy insurance if an accident occurs, how rational use of insurance do? Recently found a lot of friends in dangerous condition have entered a mIsunderstanding, they think that as long as the dangerous condition of the insurance premium Will increase, so often a little traffic accidents have chosen their own pay, but in fact do so particularly loss, no premium increases fake, but remember! It Is actually a separate count, it plainly calculated separately pay high insurance with commercial insurance, so once a small accident, the other the loss of vehicles as long as no more than 2000 dollars, you only out to pay high insurance, your Car, if it Is out of some paint what the trim on their own, right?

Is the second-oldest of the Traffic Insurance 950 dollars, probably rose about a hundred dollars, commercial insurance are not affected. Another point to remind you that if you have two Car accident insurance policies do not Care, as long as you remember that you have not closed, do not get the money you can call the insurance company over there in the past not to modify the commercial rIsk Will to pay compulsory insurance, commercial insurance remember once raIsed the minimum Is 600 yuan to rIse, there Is little of it last as long as you 2000 dollars that did not run out of credit, you can continue to the next occurrence of the same pay high insurance it Will increase by 30% 300 dollars, compared to the private, And do you think Is more cost-effective?