Car insurance Which Is better?

good Auto insurance Which? All of the Auto insurance do not understand the teacher facing insurers phone Will always have thIs question when buying Auto insurance. That price Is better how to buy Car insurance? Which Auto insurance Is better in the end? People often mention the old three, here we are introduced to cut the old three!

good old three Auto insurance? Fortunately Service?

to PICC helicopter rescue, for example, people buy insurance Auto insurance, as long as you need can enjoy helicopter rescue services. It sounds really good!

but ask yourself a few questions: PICC rescue helicopter fly several times a year? Every fly to what the purpose of flying, public, exercIse or get out of danger? What kind of people can enjoy the flying service?

Remember: gimmicks aside, companies in the top ten ranking, various service standards are similar, such as the sun first proposed flash lose concepts and applications in the claims, the company also set up the rest of the line immediately thIs function.

good old three Auto insurance? Fortunately, background, Will not collapse?

safe private boss, PICC, Pacific belongs to the state-owned enterprIses to buy their home insurance assured that Will not go bankrupt !!!

do not downtown! The insurance industry Is a strictly regulated industry by the state, but the country Will not allow insurance companies to go bankrupt. Poorly insurance companies when the state Will take over, Ampang recently been taken over Is a good example.

Remember: the insurance industry does not exIst, said a collapse, so state-owned enterprIses, private enterprIses unimportant. If the insurance company does not pay, a quasi-CIRC a complaint.

good old three Auto insurance? Fortunately claims o’clock, do not worry?

Now even the first eight of the top ten insurance companies in their country (U.S.) has its own branches, so buy Which Is almost the same, in addition,And now the Internet world, flash compensation can be used in micro-channel, micro-insurance does not hurt the case mentioned above, easy to get a few photos.

Remember: online claims, relaxed you and me.

good old three Auto insurance? Low price?

old three establIshed early, already share operating costs low, so low prices. Do you dare to believe ???

Do not forget to hundreds of millions or even more than a billion a year advertIsing!

The reason Why Is because they are confident that cheap Car insurance as the entry point to let you dig back more money for the rest of hIs family insurance products (in addition to the company and other factors over customers Ha) .

Remember: Be Careful when you take the pie out of the sky.

someone to buy Auto insurance in the end it?

buy Car insurance refer to the main index Is actually very simple: outlets was complete, non-road accident rescue species (very important), whether timely escape from danger, one last thing: Contact your sales mess do not mess with you like.

Finally, we recommend several insurance companies: Ping An, PICC, Pacific, the sun, the earth, Cheonan.

Recommended reason: the old three in that position, sunlight used feeling good, the land force recently, Cheonan, forehead, no contact, 66 Dashun thing!