Car insurance, which Is a must buy, novice Check it out!

Car insurance, which Is a must buy, novice Check it out!

For many novice knowledge of the insurance Is not enough to understand, to hear them say buy full insurance to follow to buy full insurance, not knowing that some insurance Is bought Is not to claim. Today it said that the insurance Is basically invIsible. Is not like buying a Car to the mall to buy merchandIse so convenient, but need to go through a very complex process and outside the Cars also need to pay various expenses, including insurance, to the completion of the transaction to buy a Car. Especially Auto insurance Is must for all those who buy a Car and pay attention to buy, then you have to pay Car insurance, what does?

All third party Car insurance coverage Is most important. After all, you can not drive a Car destroyed, however, compensation for others Is not exempt, you should keep the ability to compensate losses to others in the first place when buying Car insurance. OtherwIse, the only thing to do Is, after the accident, first sell the house, the preservation of property or divorce, Will you? Loophole premIse above Is the other side did not apply for the preservation of your property assets. Therefore, in order to avoid similar trouble, or the third party rIsk insurance in full.

motor vehicle third party liability insurance refers to the insured person or allow the driver in an accident during the use of the insured vehicle, resulting in a third party to suffer direct personal injury or property damage, economic responsibility according to the law should be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable. Meanwhile, if the insurance company by written consent, arbitration or litigation costs are therefore occurrence of an insured person, the insurance company outside the limit of liability for compensation, but not exceeding 30% of the limits of liability.

board officers liability insurance only for losses in the loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance range, other additional insurance deductible provIsion can not be canceled. According to the terms, under normal circumstances, each insurance accident insurance and compensation within the above range Is calculated according to the principle of the responsibility to fulfill the deductible, the owner shall be responsible for the accident bear the loss of a certain percentage of size (called the deductible). But if insured, excluding special insurance deductible, the occurrence of an insured event, the insurance companies are no longer deductible according to the original provIsions of the deductible, the actual loss Is calculated according to the provIsions given payment.

only later pay high insurance. To pay compulsory insurance paid only third-party accidents (the injured party), the highest casualties paid 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan hospitalization, property losses 2,000 yuan. But in general, the occurrence of the accident caused the death of personnel should be paid more than 20 million, Is not enough hospital medical expenses, loss of vehicle costs 2,000 yuan Is very different. And, loss or theft of hIs Car to be themselves. Therefore, with thIs great rIsk for the crowd: about 5% of the owners to choose thIs type of combination. Insurance experts generally do not recommend choosing thIs option.