Car insurance which includes six free service, and you still do not know

everyone when buying a Car, Is essential to Car insurance. Insurance Will buy a year, it Is not a small expenditure. There are dIscounts when buying gifts, but also pay attention to Is that some free items which the insurance included. Could have do not enjoy wasting money.

a free quick repair

If the Car stall broke down on the road, and the problem Is not, as long as the battery replaced or like member on the tire can be resolved. ThIs time can be used for free fast repair service provided by insurance companies, the insurance companies just give a call and tell them where you are on it. Of course, the number of warranty service Is limited.

Second, the free trailer

Car broke down for no reason outdoors, trailers relief Is essential. He called trailers, trouble Is not that very easily slaughtered. So, thIs time, do not forget to buy Auto insurance have to send 1 free trailer rescue service. Generally less than 100 km, the insurance company can provide free towing services.

Third, the free ride electric

Car battery Is exhausted, it Is the insurance company, ask them to help to take the electric Car. Take the service Is free, the number should be limited.

Fourth, the free crane

often see in the News the owners drove to the roadside ditch where, after ensuring the personal safety, and finding ways to rescue the Car. In thIs case, the insurance company can also provide free cable Car service, just call us on it. ThIs Is Auto insurance package in an additional gift, every vehicle owner can use.

Fifth, the annual generation of free

Now many vehicle inspection testing sites have been working with insurance companies, Therefore, some insurance companies, we can provide customers with free annual inspection Car service, and on behalf of vehicle inspection services.

Six, plus free water, sending oil services

plus water means that the Car Is mIssing in the process of moving water and frozen liquid, oil delivery Is Car driving on out of gas, you can contact the insurance company rescue center, free on-site to provide add water , oil delivery service. But the frozen liquid, oil fee to the owners pay for their own Oh.