Car Insurance to which essential? Police: These two, after the purchase Is not afraid of huge compensation!

Car to which the insurance necessary? Police: These two, after the purchase Is not afraid of huge compensation!

everyone in the company after working for some time, according to the company Will require everyone to buy life insurance policy, that Is, pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing fund. And now, with the continuous development of the Automotive sector, the number of Car sales soared, resulting in road congestion, many people Will give an insurance policy on hIs Car to buy. For liability insurance Car insurance, each person has a different view, today small Will take you to find out the insurance in the end or not to buy?

Car owners know that Car insurance Is a strong state regulations must be turned over insurance, but when buying a Car, 4s clerk Will give you recommend thIs Insurance Insurance that let you make a purchase, in the rhetoric 4s shop clerk, and many owners fear hIs Car accident Is not guaranteed, so they buy third party liability insurance and caustic danger Is not deductible. ThIs kind of insurance 3 Some people feel there Is no need to buy, which makes many people purchase insurance Is proposed that these three should not buy the insurance in the end it? Traffic police give a reply.

clear that the traffic police, caustic danger Is not deductible and Will be compensation in accordance with a certain proportion, the amount of compensation Is fixed, and everyone in life the only possible use Is the third party liability insurance. Not only the traffic police say thIs, Xiao Bian think so, but everyone before you buy third party liability insurance, must engage in to understand thIs thing. Car Insurance to which essential? Police: These two, after the purchase Is not afraid of huge compensation! Vehicle collIsion, all the responsibility on their own, in thIs context, the insurance company would lose money to other owners.

the face of rampant luxury Cars on the road now, and with the increasing number of Cars Will inevitably encounter situations when the Car rubs travel by Car, said Indefinite you touch Is a luxury Car. For ordinary families, hit the luxury Car of the moment, simply drop trough, after all, a luxury Car that we dare not touch a thing. Then he was helplessly touched a luxury Car, a later date how to do it? Is it after hIs wife and child Hexibeifeng? So it Is highly recommended that you buy a third party small seriesA major reason for liability insurance well in advance to avoid to prevent thIs from happening.

and crashed hIs Car Is not terrible, terrible Car crash. Car crash occurred on the highway more speed on the highway Is very fast, coupled with the Car’s own gravity, the force when the Car collided with a very large event of an accident you can not imagine, so that Is likely to cause a Car crash. People are dead, you Will most likely back the lawsuit, but some people Will choose to be resolved informally, and some put their money more important than life heavy man, he might be a mouth a few million. That Is if you do not buy third party liability insurance in the face of one million large sums of money that they are Zaguomaitie Minato does not come out. So thIs Is Xiao Bian recommend you buy it Is another important reason.

we do not want that to happen, but thIs kind of thing exIsts, and the purchase of such insurance can reduce the amount of compensation, after all, if thIs kind of thing really happened would not have to worry reparation, compensation insurance company Will help you, do not take the wife and kids to go to Malaysia on the road Hexibeifeng avoid suffer.