Car insurance “to choose life insurance.”

American Life service:

1, claims: Genius, through the country lose, lose money first and then repair (pure Car damage property damage, documents and information free, free site, repair no difference thirty thousand yuan after the report within 24 hours of payment).

2, Is not limited to three: not limited travel area, Is not limited to the driver, Is not limited repair site.

3, service network: the largest number, covering towns; Chengdu has 29 subsidiaries, more than 620 cooperation repair shop and 4S shop.

4, to the site fast: within 30 minutes to the urban scene, within 60 minutes to suburban scene.

5, value-added services: to provide year-round unlimited nationwide (trailer 100 kilometers each, bottled water, take the battery power, replace the spare tire, 30 minutes free fast repair) does not charge any service fees.

6, free agency examined: the door to receive after completion of the annual information return, + Car door access on-line testing, do not charge any service fees.

7, worry-free claims: traffic accidents You just give me a phone call or send a micro letter, no report, we arranged to assess the damage members come to you to assess the damage, Will be finIshed loss directly to the 4S shop or a-level maintenance repair shop, give your back open after repaired, you do not have to worry about, remove your worries.

8, any follow-up questions to you are the person responsible for Xiao Zheng, one on one service, Xiao Zheng phone: 18190703520 (the same micro-channel number)